Question about SAS selection style tabbing

I'm not planning on joining however there are a number of places out here (new South Wales Australia) that you can only get to by walking so I'm wondering how to prepare myself for long walks carrying heavy pack thanks guys
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The other bit of Tabbing is speed. You throw your feet forward. Best practice on a treadmill to begin with until you're up to 4MPH. Mix up your training with a bit of endurance and low impact.
Which if you dont have to dont it hurts a lot.
Hence civis spend $$$$$ on lightweight kit.
Carry as little as you need walk a lot with the kit you think you need.
Either gowith a mate or let someone know where your going.
Hire a sherpa (Tenzing not Transit) then half the problem is solved
Buy a car you cheapskate!
I'm sure where he's going, "there are no roads ". Perhaps a DeLorean with a flux capacitor ??

On a more serious note, you don't need to tab (or yomp) - just walk. You would be better off going on a hillwalking forum.

If it's a hot and waterless area - don't even think about walking in; You'll never carry enough water and the heavier the load, the more water you need and it's exponential and not a linear correlation.
Don't walk anywhere ....... ? ;-)

Personally i found vaseline between the toes was good. Also stops your feet getting all crinkley and soft.
and 2 pairs of socks. Thinner nearest the skin and thicker, outer pair. Go with natural materials too.


Also I'm wondering how to avoid blisters
A good (read expenisve) and comfortable pair of boots, a bit of practice and good foot care. Fresh socks with a little bit of foot powder never hurts. Your feet need time to 'acclimatise' to long periods of walking, so get some miles under your belt.

What are you anyway, the outback postman?

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