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Hey guys, im starting basic on the 1st of April 2013, and i was just wondering do you need to have a regiment in mind which you are wanting/planning to join? because alot of people i say im joining the army too say "oh what regiment you joining" and im just like "well i dunno?", im just confused about this subject as some people seem to have it drilled into their heads what regiment they want to join.. but to be honest i really dont care haha? is that a bad thing.. also if any of you guys have any knowledge on Royal Signals regiments and where they are based would be useful, by the way im joining as a comms systems operator (if that makes a difference). Thanks dudes.:)
You ask a a lot of questions.

I gather you have chosen your trade but aren't sure which unit you will be posted to. For most Corps this is common. Your posting will depend on the needs on the the Army and your chosen Corps, and perhaps (to an extent) your performance on your Phase 2 course. You may be allowed to nominate a preference, but you will be posted where you are needed.

Right now, mate, concentrate on passing Phase 1 and Phase 2 training. Get fit, fitter and incredibly fit.

Also, look at a job other than signals ;)
I know haha :), and yeah i thought that was the case just i wasn't sure. Thanks for answering the question, and yeah i am don't you worry train train and erm train!!, and haha i know mate but its all that is really available and I've been on my application for an absolute age plus its not what im planning to stay in anyways, cheers :)
I need to stop reading half of the OP posts and read it all. When you started saying about you didn't know what regiment your joining i was thinking how the hell did you pass the interviews. Your "reigment" your joining is the Royal Signals. However its a Corps not a Regiment. "Correct me if im wrong there Sig's". I know where a few RSigs are based but for Security and risk of getting a warning from ARRSE Police i cant tell you. Sorry!
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