question about re-enlisters

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My medical documents were sent of friday already back ready to be sent of to selction. my afco said hes sending a form to glasgow since im a re-enlister.
i was reccomended for further millitary service so not worried abou them saying no. But has any one recently done this and if so roughly how long did it or does it take on average.
my recruiter just said he'll chase it as much as he can and how longs a peace of string on wait time for this.

any comments much appreciated.
As Disco's little helper (JammieDodger) has said stop double posting and use the correct thread as you already did with an identical post. JammieDodger Im watching you, I was Disco's Batman until you have shown your face on here....once you have outgrown your use he will discard you like he did me....Forastro is much better looking and a much nicer MOD than Disco.
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