Question about RAMC insignia and number during WW1.

My wife has a photo of her Great-Grandfather in uniform from WW1. He is wearing RAMC insignia but has what appears to be a small badge pinned above the right hand breast pocket. Can anybody tell me what this badge was for? Also, on his Medal Index card, he is shown as having a 3-figure Regimental Number which looks a bit odd. Would this be correct and can any information be gleaned from this? He does not have either of the 2 'Stars' so I am assuming he joined after the issue of these was discontinued. Any help would be appreciated
The badge could be the Imperial Service Badge, he would have got this for being in the Territorials before the War. It also show that he volunteered to serve over seas.

Can you post the medal index card (MIC). Also if he did not moved overseas until after 1st Jan 1916, he would only have the British War Medal (BWM) & Victory Medal(VM). He could also have the Territorial Force War Medal(TFWM) this medal was awarded to members of the TF who volunteered for service overseas on or before the 30th Sept 1914 & who served overseas during the war of 1914-19 and did not get the 1914/15 Star.
Many thanks for the information - I knew I would find the answers on ARRSE. Unfortunately, the medal index card has not been completed other than Regimental number and the fact that he was entitled to the BWM and the VM. Thanks again.

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