Question about pay increment levels on job re-evaluation

I'm hoping that the pay gurus can answer this one.

I'm currently in a job and rank that is Lower Band, but from 1 Apr 06, it is reassessed as Higher Band. The question is - if I am now on Lower Band Increment Level 9 (for example), do I slide across directly to Higher Band Increment Level 9, or to a lower increment on that scale?

Grateful for a definitive view on this.

funnily enough, quite a few of us who did similar a couple of years ago have just received a big lump of backpay (see "pay f*ckup") on the RHQ forum.

i was lower band 3, went across to an upper band trade and became lower band 1.

they now say that anyone who does this should go across like for like e.g. lower 3 to upper 3. so i got 3 grand backpay and been bumped up a couple of increments.

so i would say - not as a pay wallah or anything - that on that basis, you should go across like for like. cher-ching!!!
When I was at Marchwood, the WO1 Mover did that same thing, lower band to higher band at the exact same incremental level.

Quite a tidy pay rise as well. After all the incremental rate if determined by your seniority (roughly), so it stands to reason that is how it works.

Not that I will see Higher Pay band in this Corps !!
Yes with the new Level to Level coding in P2K you should go onto the same Higher level, although I am unsure if this is the case for JSJET (annual reassessment of EQs in Apr) Can someone confirm this?
Confirmed it is. Under the JSJET rules movement has always been level to level (ie Lower 6 to Higher 6) if you move as a result of JSJET job re-evaluation.

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