question about partners n the army.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Luis, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. im about to go for my 2 day recruitment selection, and i intend to pass.
    im 18
    i have a girlfriend whom ive been with 2 years and was just wondering what its gonna be like having a girlfriend in the army, things like how much will i see her, is it difficult commiting etc.
    if i could get some general info and personal opinions on it that'd be great.
  2. If you're both prepared to put the time and effort in to make it work then it will work. Simple as.
  3. She'll get over you mate... once you pass training and start drinking with the big boys you'll soon drift apart.

    You will break her heart but don't worry, I'm sure one of your new found comrades will be more than willing to offer her a sympathetic shoulder to cry on...

    Never fails that one!!
  4. lol was waiting for a reply like that....
    your obviously still a little upset about your girl leaving you,
    its understandable. ;)
  5. I AM upset about losing my girl albeit temprarily. She says her boyfriend of two years is joining the army and it would look suspicious if she didn't spend a little time with him.

    Once he's in training however she has promised me a backstage pass!!
  6. That sound familiar!
  7. Your young mate - get out and sew the oats. Its the way ahead.

    Your girlfriend will.
  8. If you are really serious about the army then do it, if you don't you will only blame yourself and girlfreind later for the lost chance.

    If you are going to make it together the army shouldn't make any difference, it may be more difficult but that is life. If you are going to split up you will whether you are in the army or not just being in the army may make it sooner which is probaly better all round.

    Good luck

  9. Look on the bright side Luis, your loss is the Garrisons gain!!!
  10. n this is coming from all single men i take it lol,
    its all good i see your point, its not far from what i was thinking anyhow.
    thanks for the replies.
    im planning on joining the RA as a command systems operator incase any of you are in the RA and could give me some info/advice.
  11. Hey

    well your obviously all philistines! although if you're already thinking about slpiting up then you can't really be that keen on her. I've been going out with a guy in RHA that does that coms thing that you wanna do (as you can tell we talk about work a lot & i have loads of understanding of his job) for a year and a half and if anything it keeps our relationship strong. we spend quality time together and don't take each other for granted ( and he gets a break from me which always helps) most importantly of all he's now an amazing ironer and a clean freak - the perfect man!

    but if you're ambition is still to sleep your way through the alphabet then maybe you should leave it now.
    all the best!
  13. Im in the same boat mate, goin of to selection on 28th and hoping to start phase 1 in Feb, been with my girl two years and im crazy bout her. However I want to join the army more than anything and if she gives up after a year and says its to hard she aint worth it, and i wont loose any sleep about it.
  14. Alright Mate,

    Same problem here also. Ive been with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now, im 18 and going in in feb. We have talked and on the ground basis that i want to do the army and in all fairness i never stopped her going off to uni because i didnt like the distance, she will have to like it or lump it.
    Although saying this she has been very understanding and we have come to the conclusion that, we will both try and keep the relationship going but if it doesnt work it doesnt work.

    Good luck with it, if you sit down and think about your relationship and feel that you want it to carry on, work on it. If you can see yourself getting off with the next bit of skirt that walks by then end it before you do her more damage than its worth.