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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Aeccles, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. If you werent fit enough to join the paras straight away, and started training as an infantry soldier, is it at some point possible to get into the parachute regiment, i heard of people from other regiments taking p company etc. But i know nothing so.

    please answer this my dickhead mate keeps chewing my ear off.

  2. why dont u get fit enough to join the paras?
  3. Yes it is possible.

    It is also possible to get yourself down to a careers office and get it first hand....... but you would only do that if you were really serious and not just fishing.
  4. whos fishing im not asking for me, i hate heights
  5. As much as your mate hates keyboards?
  6. If your "mate" wants to be a Para, then "he" should get fit enough, and go for it. But his best bet is to get himself down the ACIO and find out what they say.

    As for joining the Infantry then doing P Coy, it is possible, but wouldn't it be better all round, if he just joined the Para's first?
  7. The actual answer is. Yes of course you can transfer to The Parachute Regiment, as a serving member of another arm or service. However you may find it easier to join straight away.
  8. If your mate isn't fit enough to get his arse down to the recruiting office to find out for himself, then I'd put money on it that he's definately not fit enough for Para Regt.

    As for transfering from another unit. Transfering can only be done once he'd passed P Coy & BPC.

    But & this is the big But, he'll always be known as "The Hat" in one of the Battalions. Not an advisable route to take if he doesn't want to be ribbed about it, all the time.
  9. The biggest part of you are complete wankers, If you dont want people to ask questions why have you got a website, im asking because i know for a fact a pal of mine got 10:40 on his 1.5 mile and was going for the mercian, but now hes saying hes joining the parachute regiment?????
  10. Tell your mate he's a cunt. Oh, and while your at it, call yourself a cunt too.
  11. I'd say join the Guards and then go Guards Independant Parachute Platoon, and, if you like it transfer.

    But i won't we have enough cunts of our own and don't need any more at the moment
  12. What he said! skiff-licking arrsehole.

  13. I would say DONT join the guards, we get enough shite, without you joining too.
  14. If you want spoon-feeding, go elsewhere. Read the website and you'll soon see that 10.40 is not good enough to be either a para or an infantryman in the Mercians. Go to the careers office and they'll tell you what's possible and what isn't. Then tell your mate that if he wants this, he has to motivate himself. You won't be there to do P coy for him.

    Recruiting questions normally go into the joining up forum. Pointless insults and gobbing off goes into the ARRSEhole.
  15. WAH!!!