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Question about NVQ's.

I currently have an issue at work insofar as the biff responsible for authorising instructors will not accept any of my Mil qualifications as 'evidence or proof of competence'. The only thing this dork knows and understands is the SVQ (Scots version of NVQ's) and its wonderful mapping. Now, having witnessed several previous individuals having to go through the photocopying nightmare that is 'evidence mapping' as proof of competence, I wish to avoid doing the same at all costs.

My question therefore: does anyone know if there is an equivalent mapping for SCBC, PSBC, methods of instruction and any other course relating to instructing? I know that Salisbury college were doing so years ago, has Inverness college done anything (bearing in mind they are close to Fort George). Many thanks in advance.


I don't know about mapping but since it's SVQs are you still North of the wall as51(S) Bde RTC has an accreditation officer who deals with converting mil quals to civvy equivalent ones it may be worth giving him a bell.

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