Question about nationality, help if you can please.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dwarf, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Gents,
    I have a question that I can't get an answer to so far, I have rung the British Consulate and they put me onto the embassy, the man I need to talk to is never in, my e.mails get returned with a standard rely mail with general information which doesn't answer my question.
    I have searched the net and found confusing data all which applies to blokes from the Hindu Kush who want to open a restaurant in the UK and import half the bloody tribe as dependents. Frankly I need help and someone here must know the answer.

    I have been with my spanish partner out here in Catalunya for 23 years, the last 20 fairly long ones, and we have a 22year-old daughter, with me definitely registered as the father.
    However for a variety of reasons we have never married. Originally when I tried to register my daughter as British, I was told that the Mother counted but the father didn't if they were unmarried at the time of birth.
    A little while back I was told that the rules had changed and that my daughter could go through a process to get British nationality. At the time we didn't as money was involved and money was tight.
    Now we would like to get that nationality for her but I just can't find out if she is eligible.

    Could anyone be so kind as to either inform me of the answer or please direct me to where I can find the regulations applicable. Your help would be welcome after the Embassy experience.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. The recent rule change in 2006 was to allow unmarried British fathers to pass on their nationality automatically. You could have done so before she was 18 by making a special application. Prob too late now.

    Write to your Consulate General, they are obliged to reply, or try writing to the FCO (address at foot of following page)
  3. Why would he have any problems due to living outside of the UK?
  4. Thanks for the reply, the info is helpful. Realise she is a bit old, but I was unaware of the rule changes until deadline had passed.

    Thanks again.
  5. One solution would be for your daughter to live in the UK (not sure of the exact qualifying time) and apply for naturalisation.
  6. We have thought of that and it is an option as when she finishes her degree she would like to study anthropology at a British university as they do the best courses in this field.
  7. Funnily enough that is the exact answer given to me today in Budapest by the British Embassy staff. Qualifying time was given as 3 years (so a UK university it is then!)

    I was born outside of the UK: parents worked in the petroleum industry. Despite them both being British and their permanent home being the UK, and despite my 11 years of Colour service and living in the UK from 1982-2001 (if military service counts as UK residence, as it does for tax purposes), I have been informed that my daughter has no automatic right to British citizenship. I'm recently married to a Hungarian wench.

    I have to pay over 500 quid to register her birth, which will take the beloved Home Office about 8 months to do (the Embassy gave me that figure), after which I can apply for a passport for my sprog...

    ...which may not be given, and even if given, her children will NOT be able to claim British nationality unless she moves to the UK and has the sprogs there.

    Why do I get the feeling that the law was written specifically to attack the Whites in southern Africa and to enable Britain to wash her hands if (when) they decay into chaos/dictatorships?
  8. I don't know if it'll be so for your daughter, but time spent studying didn't count towards the residency requirement in the Jade Dream's case.
  9. I've lived here for 26 years (arrived as a 7 year old), married an Englishman, and still have to pay £700 + and take the nationality test in order to get a British passport.

    Where am I from? Denmark. I can't afford the cost of citizenship, so will remain a Dane.
  10. I'm in the same boat as your daughter Dwarf.

    The only thing for your daughter to do is Naturalise after living in the UK for 5 years. Luckily for her she won't need a visa because she will already have a Spanish passport. She will need to make dead cert that she has a clear paper trail proving that she's been here for 5 years though. Make sure she keeps that passport with the entry stamp at the very least.

    I've poured over this matter a million times myself just to be entttiiiiiirely sure, and this page that I've just found confirms it once again :

    Oh, and it'll cost her just under 800 Stinkers.
  11. There is one possibility. I,m not sure if this information is current but may well be worth looking into.

    Assuming that one or both of your parents were born in the UK, then your daughter may qualifiy for a thing called Ancestry, through having at least one British grandparent. The downside is that she has to apply from outside the UK herself , be at least 17 and 1/2, and come to the UK to live and work for initially 5 years.

    If she then wants a UK passport he can apply for citizenship after this period.

    It may not be of much use to you anyway as i,m fairly sure this route incurs some form of fee anyway.
  12. That only allows her to work and live for 4 years, in which time she must apply for permanent residence. All Naturalisation applications must start with permanent residence, be it as a spouse, child, skilled worker, asylum seeker, EU national or whatever.

    Registration only applies to various categories of British subjects and nationals.
  13. Thanks to all posters it has been a big help.
    Unfortunately the rules changed in 2006 the year she was 18, so it looks like we have blown it. 5 years in the UK looks maybe out as she has a regular boyfriend (catalan) and marriage is on the cards. He has just secured a good steady job with Nestles, which is expanding its operations here, so is unlikely to want to move in this current economic climate. She also wants to use her projected anthropology degree and move around the world while young, which would make long term residence difficult, unless he can transfer to Nestles UK, always a possibility.
    Still hoping that the new government want to show a human face I can always try an appealing letter to the New Home Sec.
    Miracles do happen......................................................................don't they?
  14. WTF is it important that your girl is a Brit..??..admitedly Spain is going down the 'pan' but we're following soon being a 'Dago or Brit' is equal..its all the EU..amazes me that anyone thinks its important to be a Brit..