Question (about my friend)

My friend really REALLY has his hopes set on joining the army.
Hes passed his barb test.

Got his medicals sometime in the next couple of month i believe.

However, he is VERY shy and quite. Like, to the point where he would just sit there on his own not speaking to anyone.
He is also very..hmm dont know the word...picky! If he doesnt like something, he will go in a huff/walk out/go into silent mode ect..

His is fairly fit- does struggle a bit though.
Ive got to write his character ref for him =/ which im not looking forward to as i cant lie and say he is out going and enthusiastic and they will know its all total bull!!

so, realistically what are his chances of actually getting in and getting through basic??

Dont want him to be heartbroken!
Hes still got his selection interview and that yet. Hes only done his barb.
But like, hes just sat at home doing nothing, no job or anything cos this is all he wants to do
Im sure when he gets to pre selection and once hes getting stuck in on the team tasks etc im sure he will be fine. I dont think he will be cause he wants to join the army and will be mixing with people that want to be there im sure he will be fine. But he has got to come out of his comfort zone at some point in his life :)
Depending on the recruiting office, there should well be a programme in place with either the office staff or the local recruiting team to help you- sorry, your friend ;), deal with all those worries.
There was such a system in place in Glasgow when I worked there, I know at least. Ask your recruiter if there are any PD (Personal Development) days being run.
These generally take place inbetween your initial application, and your attendance at ADSC, the selection centre.
You should cover physical training, team building exercises, and confidence training in the form of short introduction speeches to an audience, all geared up to provide you- sorry, them!- with the best possible chance of passing selection.

In the meantime, I reccomend that you advise your friend to use as much of this time off they have to work on their CV fitness, and if they have a job choice in mind now, get to the local library or use the internet to research their job. This way, they can even get prepared for the preparation, and it will all help in the long run.
young_lofty its not for me honest! im off in the navy!

weve just all been wondering about him! Cos we just cant see him bonding with anyone.
If he wants to join that bad then it shouldn't be a problem. Tell him he needs to pull his finger out his botty and do something about it instead of moping about.
As long as he's not an anti-social "sociopath-type" personality, just a bit quiet, he should be fine. There's loads of other things me may not make the grade for though.
he just doesnt really speak! lol.
i mean, he speaks to us but weve known him for ever! but people he doesnt know he will just totally blank and ignore!
Cracker89 said:
he just doesnt really speak! lol.
i mean, he speaks to us but weve known him for ever! but people he doesnt know he will just totally blank and ignore!
Well that wont be an option once in phase 1! There were many guys like that on my basic (I wasnt too brash myself), a couple of weeks of drill and phys and section attacks and you couldnt shut us up, we were unstoppable.

He will change, dont worry about it. Just say he has not had the opportunity to develop his confidence fully but works well under pressure yadda yadda, you get the picture.
Sounds pretty much like I was at 16 when I joined, look at the annoying self assured gobsh1te I turned into :D It will be the making of him. Few come out of the Army worse than they went in. Wish him/you my best of luck ;) Enjoy it, it really is a lot of fun.

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