Question about my application

Hi all, hope you’re well.
I have just started my application and have my Medical Triage later today. When asked what role I wanted, I chose Dog Handler because I’ve been around dogs all my life and I’m truly passionate about them and see myself going far in the role of training and handling dogs. I later received a call from my Careers Office saying that the Army isn’t looking for Dog Handlers for another couple of years. Because of this I decided to contact 1 MWD Regiment directly and got some guidance, they told me that they’ll be hiring next year and that I should carry on with my application process for now.
I’m assuming this is what the case will be:
- I will go to the assessment centre and if I have the correct fitness levels etc. for the Dog Handling role I will be accepted, but my application will then be delayed until they have a date for dog handling recruitment again.
- Once they have a confirmed date for when my Phase 2 would be they will then tell me when my Phase 1 starts
What would I do in the 6 month or so wait if I do get selected to be a dog handler?
Am I just told to continue working on my fitness until Phase 1 comes?
Just looking for some insight, thanks.
You just answered that question yourself. You'd just have to wait. Are there any other roles you're interested in? Not saying don't go for it but dog handler is a very difficult role to get and as you've already said, extremely low availability. RAF police have you considered that? That is a route into dog handling