Question about MOU & Op. Tours

Late last year a memorandum of understanding was signed between the TA and the Australian Army Reserve, which allows members of either organisation, whilst living for other reasons in the other country, may parade & serve with the nearest TA/AR unit.

I am coming up to the UK in January to study on exchange for 6 months at hopefully the University of Leeds, and have discovered that 4PARA has its headquarters there.

I am curious to know, that if an Op Tour came up, would a member serving under the MOU be asked or given the opportunity to serve on the tour? For example, if I smashed away any required training during my first 6 months, and a tour came up in the rest of the year, would I be allowed to go?

Will be a Lt. when I head up to the UK.
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I do not have the official answer to hand, but the short answer in your particular case is no - purely because of the tour plot.

16 Bde (and hence 4 Para IRs) are currently deployed or deploying for Herrick 8. Short of the lunatics in power deciding to invade somewhere else in the meantime, they should not be deploying again for a few years.

It may be worth looking at who else is due to mobilise at a time more in line with your visit and enquire of them.

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Purely out of curiosity, are 4 PARA bods the exclusive property of 16 X or can they volunteer as IRs for mobilisation with other Bdes?


RP578 said:

Purely out of curiosity, are 4 PARA bods the exclusive property of 16 X or can they volunteer as IRs for mobilisation with other Bdes?
The main effort is the support of the regular Para Bns and 16X. If however someone wants to mobilise outside of the 16X tour cycle, then efforts will be made to find them a home.
All officer posts that can be filled by TA officers on mobilised tours are now advertised on the TA job section of Army Net.

Basically any op tour post which APC are trying to fill is now open to being filled by a regular nominated by the relevant desk at the Army Personnel Centre or by a mobilised TA officer who applies for the job. Each post / job is boarded a couple of months ahead and the best ( in reality in many cases the only) candidate is selected for the job.

So for British TA officers there are basically loads of jobs you can apply for to go on ops outwith serving as a Individual Reinforcement to your parent formation.

To get acces to the list you need an official log on to Army Net.

How this would work for an Aussie Army Reserve officer serving in Uk is a good question. Maybe the M o U makes this clear. If not how about a call to the British Military Attache in Canberra and see if he can help.
Cheers mate, so even if i'm attached to 4PARA, I can fill an individual posting in any vacancy for units heading overseas?

Australian reservists are serving on all of Australia's deployments in some capacity, from a rifle company in the Solomons through to individual specialist appointments in the sandpit. So there is no restriction on a reservist VOLUNTEER going on ops.

Might give the attache a call and see if they can come up with an answer, alternatively I will have a chat to my OC next week - he just returned from doing TELIC while on exchange with you chaps, but as a regular army officer - he might have a bit of an idea, just thought i'd get some opinions from here.

What are the overseas posting opportunities like for subalterns in the TA? Very competitive, or is there a shortage of officers?

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