Question about Magnum Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wellyhead, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Yeah, yeah I have read the other boots threads, I have a very specific question.

    Ok before I start I need to paint a scenario so you know were I’m coming from. During my regular service I have used a great number of boots (DMS, BCH, CAB, Danner, ECW (Pro boot), Jungle, Matterhorn, Magnum, Brittain, Scarpa) in the quest for the perfect boot, I found it in the shape of my issue pro Boots which I had to hand back when I left the regs unfortunately. I used to be quite straight forward with my boots, winter/wet time I wore the Pro/Matterhorn/Danner boots, summer I wore well worn in issue BCH/CAB boots. When I left I took 3 pairs with me an old worn pair of CABs, brand new Jungle boots, and my Matterhorns, the rest either got worn out, discarded or returned.

    Some years later I join the TA and am looking again at a good pair to wear, unfortunately I have an issue with the CABs as its frigging hard to get then well worn in when you parade once a week and on w/e a month, I have tried all the old tricks and even do to work in an office wearing them but its just not the same as the wearing them every day, doing boot runs and assault courses in them etc that I used to do. Now I did keep a pair of CABs but they unfortunately fell to pieces after spend in a few years in sheds and attics (the sole dissolved) I found someone who replaces CAB soles but he felt that they were far too gone to do it. Also the Jungle boots I have are the “wrong” size, that is they are US sizes and fit my feet without insoles, not something I like to do if tabbing.

    Now the issue I have is the matterhorns are fine, but are too hot in summer especially for tabing and the like, so I am looking for a replacement. The reasoning for this is I almost got jiffed to do the Courage Trophy wearing brand new CABs. Now in an ideal world I would go for a pair of Altberg Defender Microlites, but I would prefer to have them in time for annual camp, spoke to them and its too tight a timescale to make them, also the cost I feel is a bit too pricey for “part time” work. Then I spotted the Magnum Elites.

    Right before the slagging starts I baulked the idea, I used Magnums in the late 80’s / early 90’s and didn’t rate then too highly as the heel was too stiff and the soles felt like they were made of wood, but the new “elites” seem a a world apart with Viabram (sp) soles, sympatech liner etc and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. BUT I still have the nagging feeling about them as I know they aren’t exactly mountain boots however

    1. I am not in Infantry unit, but I am in a RA HVM LML unit which does involve walking a bit.
    2. Even though I am in said unit my main trade is signals and am aimed at the CP
    3. I’m now in the TA, so I’m not talking 3-6 weeks on exercise
    4. They will not be an all year round boot, that what the Matterhorns are for.

    So my main use for them is w/e light infantry at most work in summer months and tabbing/CFT work in a non infantry unit, do you think thy will suffice ?

    I do however have a couple of issue with them and that the fact they are sympatex lined, the major issue I had with Matterhorns were the fact they get we, they stay wet even with sweat, so am I still going to get hot sweaty feet in them ? or can anyone who has used them ease my mind on this ? Would getting the “canvas” lined boots be cooler than the all leather ?
  2. Well presented post but I'm sure someone will start slagging regardless. I've used the Amazons not Elite series but mates have. The new Elites have vibram soles and seem much more robust than the older ones, not so prone to splitting across the ball of the foot. Did my JNCO cadre with a guy wearing the old all leather Elites and he didn't have any problems I could see. However his feet and the boots did reek by the end.

    I find the Amazons a bit hot in UK summers of late, just too much fabric for me and I suspect I'd have the same problem with the Elites. The sympatex liner will be hot no doubt about it but so are the unlined Amazons. Magnums aren't really suitable for any kind of field work without a waterproof lining as they leak at the first sign of rain or even heavy dew.

    So in short; with waterproof lining yes but possibly too hot. Without waterproof liner absolutely not for UK field work.

    Finally be aware that the all leather Elite has a thermal lining just like your Matterhorns and Pro boots.
  3. Why did you hand in your "issued pro boots" when you left the regs? they should have either been retaied as part of your regular reserve kit or if just a "one time issue" should not have been on your AF H1157 anyway!
  4. Put up with the issue wellies for anual camp and order the Altberg Defender Microlites. Probably not what you want to hear, but definitely the thing to do.

    You could always order the Altbergs in your normal boot size "off the shelf", without having them custom made - that way you will have them in time for camp!!
  5. 12 years service, no reserve kit, my matterhorns and jungle boots were classed "one off" but pro was on the 1157
  6. The time scale is for "off the shelf" I'm not talking about buying custom measured but made to order, unfortunatly most of the boots are that way, they do have plain defenders on the shelf though, but the lead times still a month.

    point is with matterhorns should I really shelve out 140 notes for similar boots ?
  7. one word. ALTBERG! Technically that was 3 words.....this could go on.
    Anyway visit Altberg website. Then if you can their shop.
  8. Expensive thats true - but worth it for a great pair of boots mate. Have you tried John Bulls at Catterick? £20 cheaper there too!
  9. magnums fine for mooching about a campsite in the wet and an allotment etc (I got them free)
    but if your going to have to tab anywhere they give zero support ideal for cp work as there combat slippers bog all use if you need ankle support
  10. Brighton Hippy is right. Recently Magnums quality has gone downhill too. I've been wearing them for over a decade and found them getting better, but the last pair blistered my feet to buggery and fell apart too quickly.

    I now wear Niton Centurions (Light and medium weight pair) but whilst being an excellent and good value for money boot, they are no longer made.

    Niton do have some remaining stock though.
  11. Thanks to everyone who has replied, but, in true arrse fashion, many didn't actually read what i was asking for and decided to tell me how much better Altbergs are to Magnums and how they are shiite in the field, I sort of knew that guys, I owned a pair of Magnums donkeys ago and thought they were carp.

    The question was wheter the newer boots could hack it in a part time basis during summer months.

    However I feel I got my answer with someof the comments raised, I think I was looking for someone to say "go on mate you'll be alight buy them" I didn't reallly get that and then realised that if I did buy them I would simply end up buying ANOTHER pair of boots.

    My problem lay in the fact I wanted them for annual camp and thought I was being smart talking directly to Altberg for the microlites thinking they would be the best sourse. It was spenny that reminded me that there are stockists, I knew about John Bull just never bothered checking, phoned them up and they had 2 pairs in my size in stock, should have them Tuesday thank you very much.

    I think the Magnum Elites would of been false economy, yep cheaper, but I would of replaced them within a year

    Again thanks all.hopefully I will have many stress free tabbing years