Question about living arrangements.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey. I was wondering what is the best way around it if you join the army and then don't have a place to stay when you on leave etc? Where I'm living at the moment is not a permanent thing and most likely won't be an option when I'm in. It would be stupid to get a flat and then hardly ever be there right. Anyone else been in this situation before?
  2. This is a windup right?
  3. must be, I checked out his other 2 posts and they were pants as well!
  4. While we're here, I have a question,
    If I joint the RAC as a Tank driver does the tank count as a company car, can I take it home with me when I go on leave, and do halfords do roof racks for them??

  5. If this isnt a WAH.

    You have your accomodation 365 days a year, so even when on leave you can stay there if you have nowhere else you want to go (you do get money back for block leave periods when not staying in accomodation).
    Lots of squaddies in your position will book holidays when on leave or if they are really sad will stay in the block (the cookhouse would always be open for duty personnel).

    My advice is dont stay in the block go away with your mates either back up to theres or on holiday.
  6. Only if you 253'd your kit (boxed up and stored) and do not retain your room on return.

    If i have this wrong, please correct me.
  7. No you pay for your accomodation now whilst on leave, it changed a few years ago due to the fact that you could live in it on leave if you chose to.
  8. A long time since I was a singlie so you are probably right, however Im sur my son got money back whilst in training plus field conditions for exercises and ops. I stand corrective though if there are recent changes.
  9. Would fully comp be money down the pan- or will third party fire and theft suffice?
  10. Third party defo.

    And if anyone gets in your way, you are legally allowed to run over them, apparently its on JPA, so my mate said.
  11. Lets hope your mate is right as Im guessing a re-spray and replacement panneling may be pricey
  12. you'd need a smelly foot for the rear view mirror though!! and i'm sure with all the batteries in the bu8gger now you could get a wicked stereo system on the go!! as for parking i dont think kerb-side is your best option, garage is a defo...a hangar sized one atleast!
  13. im planning on moving in with the in laws. its the only way i get to see my daughter because we are'nt married and we dont drive etc.
  14. You don't pay food or accomadation charges while on leave.

    Edited to add - unless you choose to stay on camp and use the accomadation and eat in the cookhouse.