Question about joining

I have applied and have been accepted to study for a university course - which is based around my work schedule - as I work at a school. So I was wondering could I still apply to become an officer, and would I get accepted with my current commitments? (University and Work being the commitments)

I am aware that obviously other factors are involved in the decision, but I was just curious as to if anyone else has been in this situation - or heard of something similar.

Kind Regards

C. Taylor
CTaylor, Im in fulltime employment and doing a distance learning Msc course and the same route was offered to me.
So in short I can apply and be accepted?

Also as you have done that yourself, can I ask a few things about the training? - IE your experiences through it so far etc - if anyone else has anything to add, please do! :)

Kind Regards

C. Taylor

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