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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dave_Bcfc, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Hey all im new to the forum. At the moment i have just applyed for the army and sat my barb test which i got 76 on which the officer said was an ok score, the is one thing hindering my application which is i am on bail with the police a few weeks back me and a few mates got attacked at a party basically and we defended ourselves, I have been charged with Affrey and got to go court on the 30th, I was wondering is this going to stop me joining the army if i get a fine, community service or something like that?? or will i have to wait a certain time before i can join, (i am applying for the royal engineers)

    any advice would be great thanks!!
  2. Welcome to the Forum Dave_Bcfc!
    Probably something you should talk to your recruiter about. Give him a call in the morning, then you will pretty much get a straight answer.
    If you have told him about this already, or it was on your application form, maybe you wouldn't be allowed to do the Barb if you wouldn't be allowed to join?
  3. ye welcome to the forum! ye pretty much what deebee said ask your recruiter in morning and it is pretty much a waste of time doing the barb if you cant join up unless your recruiter doesnt know? by the way im goin RE aswell got selection on the 14th of august:D
  4. Theres a good chance I'll be doing my selection on that date as well.. I'll find out on thursday though :D I'm also joining the RE.
  5. nice one where will you do selection pirbright or lichfield? im doing mine lichfield?
  6. Not sure yet.. I'll probably be told after interview 2 and 3.
  7. oh ok well let me know pal ye cause it would be good to find someone going same time lk :p
  8. Alright :thumright:
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