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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by timlam, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. hi. i have a question i hoope someone will be able to answer. does the army ever make exceptions when recruiting officers? at the moment i have 4 gcse's graded c and above, and a national diploma for IT worth 120 ucas points. i am wanting to join the royal sigs and have IT experance from working and education, good at maths and did electronics gcse(passed). one of my aims in life is to make it in to the army as an officer and i've been thinking if i dont get in first time round, i could join as soilder for 4 years then go to uni and try again but thats 7-8 years gone. or is their an other way??????? really confused and lost. please reply asap. cheers guys
  2. This is honestly meant in the spirit of constructive criticism, but if your note is representative of your normal level of communication in written English then I think that will be one of your major obstacles to becoming an officer.

    I would honestly suggest that one of your first steps should be to work on that. May impression is that you probably can spell, punctuate and use grammar but the kind of mistakes in your note will suggest either you cannot communicate effectively in writing or are too lazy to bother to do so. Either would be be viewed pretty negatively.
  3. Seconded!
  4. I am not going to comment on your grammar and punctuation; that has already been done.

    Have you asked the ACIO? Have you asked the question via the army website? Those responsible for recruiting may accept your National Diploma in lieu of A Levels, but you would need to ask them.

    If you are serious about trying to join as an officer you should get a degree first. Trying to get a degree once you are in is generally much more difficult, although not impossible.

    If you go to university you could also join the UOTC or TA and see if you have got what it takes.

    Good luck.
  5. So you're not an officer either are you Futsukayoi?


    Edited to correct error and to say that neither am I.
  6. Timlam. Due to only having experience with the Scottish education system, I am unsure what stage you are at with regards to age qualifications e.t.c, however I am guessing that you are a school leaver round about 18 or 19.
    You fail to mention whether you aspire to achieving a degree . Perhaps if you went to university and joined an UOTC (as suggested above by doomsayer ) or your local R.Signals unit, you would find this beneficial into deciding whether or not to spend a proportion of your life in the armed forces. Not only would you gain an insight into the Army but also achieve a degree with which you could fall back on if ,for whatever reason, the army turned out to be not what you thought it would be. Remember that the average age of a Sandhurst intake is 22-24, 80% of which posses degrees. Do you feel, right now , that you could interact and compete with 24 year old graduates?
    Please do not take that the wrong way, I am not critising you, simply pointing out that everyone has to achieve a set standard at Sandhurst, and perhaps the more mature candidates would find it easier. Also having a degree affects your pay and promotion prospects as well.

    The second option you mention involves joining as an nco and either leaving after a few years or trying to commission from the ranks. While I know that it is possible to commission from the ranks, for the first few years when you are a Signaller/Lance Corporal, you will have to serve your time and I doubt there are any shortcuts to rocketing up the ranks. I did look into this with REME before deciding to apply for a commission , REME were advertising a tiffy course where they’re was a fast track option to Staff Sergeant with an enhanced option of a late entry commission. The brochures were saying this was achievable within 8 years, however when I asked a REME major (who started off as a crafty before working his way up to W01 and commissioning) for the low-down, he said , quite rightly that you can’t shoot up the ranks without gaining experience first. He thought that I might be stagnant for several years waiting to progress.

    He told me to aim for the highest goal possible and im advising you do the same.

    Edited: any further questions p.m me or ask me here.
  7. Tim, you don't give any indication why you want to be an officer.

    You need to give that the utmost thought. Which is more important to you, joining the Army, or getting a commission? If the former, then based on your aforementioned grades, I would join as a Technician: you get reasonably good skills and if they like the cut of your jib, you can always aim for Sandhurst via the (ahem) back door.
  8. Roadster280,

    I agree it grates me that we are called Sigs in Arrse however what would you suggest?

    I like simply Jimmys.

  9. OK guys and girls, call off your dogs. He's only a kid asking about joining the Corps for goodness sake. He's hardly commited an outrageous faux pas, merely a very common beginner's error. Stop being so bloody pedantic, it's just serves to reinforce suggestions that personnel from the Roya Corps of Signals have the tendency to be arrogant and self-important without good reason.

    Timlam, there are plenty of officers in our Corps who haven't got a degree. There are even more who have degrees is obscure subjects like measuring fish. If it's what you fancy then crack on!

    It has been suggested recently (in British Army Review and other thinktanks) that mature graduates are not necessarily a better deal for the Army as a whole. Many people believe that a young officer is better able to be moulded and get command experience by the time they are in their early 20s and this makes them stronger candidates for severe success later in their careers.
  10. I would have to agree with CM. I would expect that you would need to show an understanding of what it is that the Officers job is with in Corps.

    If electronics is your bag, then I would say look at the tech side as a soldier. A good plan might be to quiz the online recruiter at the main Army site. You may feel a bit less pushed and have time to gather thoughts and also they will be able to link you to the right places.

  11. At 48 I blame the early onset of senility. The real culprit is of course Bill Gates causing a reliance on spell check.