Question about joining and the summer camps

Hi guys,
I am considering joining a TA unit in the Edinburgh area. I applied 2 years ago for Signals but failed the medical (was underweight at the time as I had been ill). I'm certain of passing the medical this time round but before applying I want to check something.
I have got a summer placement for 2012 down in London. Would a TA unit still consider taking me on despite this? It would mean that I am not available for training during the summer.
I don't want to waste people's time with an application that would get turned down.
Also, I have the small matter of convincing my girlfriend about it but that should work out.
All feedback welcome! Thanks!
Hi redwine,

It shouldn't be a problem. You can do your initial training on a modular basis with the Regional Training Centre in the first half of 2012. 6 SCOTS, for example, (Edinburgh's Infantry Battalion) has its annual camp in September which, if you have returned by then, would be very beneficial to you and you'd be qualified for your bounty as well. Other units will be different and will have them over the summer, but I don't know why you'd want to join anyone else!

You could always continue your training upon your return for London if you weren't able to complete it beforehand.

Call 6 SCOTS on 0131 556 9351 and they'd be able to guide you more regarding this. Ask for the Permanent Staff Admin Officer as he'll have all the information you need and the next steps for you.
Hi ablos,

Thank you very much for the informative answer, I'll give them a call this week! Hopefully I'll get through without problems!


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