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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by styd, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. hi, just a bit of a question

    went to my local army careers last friday to see about going regular (in TA, signals for 5 years) basically, the recruiter more or less told me none of the corps have many vaccancies right now, which is a bit of a suprise, especially after all the radio/tv adverts you see these days. anyway, if someone in the know could confirm this for me, just i am a bit suprised thats all especially as i want to cointinue with the same trade in the regular army.
  2. Talking out of his hoop. R Signals is recruiting NOW!

    Go to another recruiting office-sgt, or apply direct to the R Signals.

    If you haven´t left the TA yet, there maybe people who can helpin your unit.

    What trade are you at the moment? As some are pretty full at the moment, but they are still recruiting.
  3. he is lying to you to get you to join a corp that is dying for recruits. just say that you will not join unless its signals
  4. Aye sounds a bit of a myth to me. Was he per chance an infantryman trying to recruit you into another job? If your TA signals, then you should have no problems joining up, as we are pretty low manned at the minute. My current squadron is 18 understrength at the minute (Yes, a signals squadron). Try another office, or go back and gently persuade him.
  5. The guy is talking rubbish, he has quotas for other arms & services that he/she must fill and is trying to bluff you into picking a trade that he needs to recruit more of.
  6. what he said
  7. My advice is to go for a trade that's useful when you finish - these days, who knows how long you will actually say in, make sure you have some useful skills to come out with, even if that's in 22 years' time as a WO1! Obviously given my ID my loyalties are also with the Royal Corps but don't go to something that's not gong to help you out later on.
    But be realistic - find out what your scores on the BARB test make you eligible for, pick a capbadge and/or trade and tell them you want that or the deal's off. Don't fall for the line "only the xxx have any vacancies" - like others have said, he's trying to fill a quota.
  8. There is a waiting list for a lot of jobs, Mostly Corp jobs as the Infantry have more bed spaces than anyone else.

    They are given Targets to meet overall, not quotas for Corps/Arms.

    Stick to your job choice by all means, but be prepared for a long wait if its a popular one.
  9. i first went into the careers office 5th August and i wont be starting my basic until April (electrician in signals) 9 months av waited, it is a long wait but should be worth it
  10. Don't worry, that time will disappear very very quickly. Spend the next couple of months working on your fitness, so you have one less thing to worry about when you hit Phase 1 training. Good luck.
  11. i take it your already in the corpse? also you got any more info about the royal signals? ave looked all over the royal corpse website but any other information about what they do thanks
  12. make sure your pys is shit hot on the we had a t.a guy transfer from sigs an he went through engineer training with us...he was rubbish, not sterotyping, but he said that he passed all the things in the t.a obviously a bit of a bullshitter but you know,
  13. just need to work more on my upperbody,,, t.a guy transfer from sigs ? wa yah mean by that