question about joinin with debt.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Asherz, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. hey people i am due to do selection in around january. i filled out the application form and it asked if i had any financial commitments i put no but then i was informed by my step dad that as i have a loan outstanding on a motorbike which was stolen and finance outstanding on my current bike. i was just wondering should i have put them down on my application form. as i been looking around the forum and there is not any answers around *unless i`m blind* and i heard you get between £25-£50 per week during basic training cash in hand nd i would need money in my bank to pay the monthly due on the said items and my contract phone. my out goings at the mo are around the £400 mark any info on this would be great as i dont really want to goin for basic then come home to find mr bayliff took the bike or w.e.

  2. Ask your AFCO.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I'm in the same, well similar boat as you mate, Interview with RO tomorrow, will ask and check back.
  4. i was asked if i had any debt and i have a loan and credit card to pay and if i can remember right he said we tend not to recruit people with over £250 a month going out but dont hold me to that but like snail said ask your AFCO.
  5. I also heard this. Makes sense as your training wage is only around £750 then will have your food and acom taken from it.
  6. You need to box clever and while I offer no authentic sure fire certified financial advice look at your outgoings and either, get a parent or guardian to cover your immeadiate direct debits or speak with the bank reference a short term overdraft to cover this.

    Of course if you dont make it through you'll have to come good to those that covered you.

    Indebtedness is an offence in the Forces and will lead to discharge so get your house in order and prove to the AFCO that your all over it like vinegar on chips.
  7. spoke to parents about it. mum and step dad said they will cover my outgoings. step dad also offered to buy one of my motorbikes off me so all is good :) thanks for the help :) someoneone in the know tell me what the Physical Development Course is please :)