Question about Iraq/Afghan war since 01

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nightrained, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Why did we go to war in October 2001 in Afghanistan only to 'put it on pause' about march 2003 to then concentrate on iraq, only to this year start up in Afghanistan?

    Why didn't we take see out Afghanistan before we started on Iraq?
  2. We only had a limited presence in Trashcanistan from 2001. Up until recently that presence has only been a Coy Gp (+). We have now moved a larger presence in for 3 years (ahem) in order to protect PRTs/reconstruction and to free up the yanks...they have been fighting in two theatres, we never were...
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  4. We havent been to War since the Second World War ISTR... That was the last time a Declaration of War was declared..

    :x Is it just me that gets wound up by people calling everything 'War' when it isnt? There's whole Anti-war movements set up around stuff that isnt technically War..!! Talk about pointless exercises.. :p

    Conflict however, or Operations, yes..

    Anyways.. back to your thread subject..

    Dunno. :)
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  6. What is the world coming to when journalists can't even do their own 'basiv' research. It's just another incident that highlights the shortcomings of modern GB. I mean do we really think that such journo greats such as Max Hastings would have stooped so low this?

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