Question about getting off MTRP



I transferred from Inf to RAC about 13 months ago as a substansive lcpl and was put on MTRP for a period of 2 years.

I have since completed CR2 crew driver, gunnerand loaders courses and the JNCO cmd cse which qualifies me as a class 1 crewman.

Should I now be returned to the correct pay scale? My RCMO thinks that I need to wait until the 2 year mtrp period is up as in RACES 09 it states that to be a class 1 crewman you have to serve 1 year as a class 2.

The pay difference is actualy quite substantial as I have now missed 2 annual pay rises and an increment and am being payed on the 07/08 rates.

Anyone know the answer to this?


As far as I am aware you mark time on pay for 2 years then revert to the lower rate of pay. You don't however mark time if your pay in your new trade is higher. The mark time of pay is to give people a chance to catch up on there earnings or prepare for a decrease in pay. This is what happened to me anyway I marked time for a year until my new pay passed my new rate of pay. If in major doubt always best to ask more than one clerk. Or check the transfer section on Armynet

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