question about gas/electric in SFA

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Chris_2oo6, May 18, 2013.

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  1. due to move into a pad in about 7 weeks

    im pretty much away from camp now until a few days before i move in

    with ref to gas and electric, do i have to sort this myself before i move in.. or will it be turned on when i move in and i'll receive a bill from whoever the supplier is?

    im due to go to canada for 10 weeks about 2 weeks after i move in also... and not somethin i really trust the mrs in sorting out

    as A , she will be jobless until she finds a job down there , and B shes a woman!

  2. What part of the country? If in the South West, or South East there is a reasonable chance of MoD supply, anywhere else in the country will almost certainly be on the national grid.

    Supply will be on and active when you move in. It should be the 'standard' supplier for the area, and housing tell you who when you move in. (Do double check on moving in that it is correct *)

    If you prefer a different supplier (unless MoD) you can switch to any of your choice

    * Note there have been cases of two suppliers to the one point which is supposed to be impossible on the national grid, but it happens. Usualy because the previous occupant didn't change back and the new occupant opens with a new supplier. This ususlly gets sorted fairly quickly when discovered.
  3. Having moved into a MQ for the first time about 6 months ago, I was in the similar position.

    My recommends - you will immediately be on a shitty tariff, regardless of which company you are on. Get onto Moneysupermarket or somewhere like that and find the best tariff for you. It'll take you 10 mins and save you literally £100s almost straight away.

    Secondly, you'll receive a gas/electric bill for a period before you moved in. This is normal (as they keep the heating on for an hour a day to stop pipes freezing etc). Find out where your nearest SFA Office and send the bill straight to them.
  4. Housing are liable for charges when vacant, and you could also receive the last bill for the previous occupant. Hand them over to housing for payment / to be forwarded to the previous occupant.

    As a tip, take a photo of the meter(s) when you move in. This resolves any dispute of the reading for digits changing over - the lower number should be taken on reading any digits that are between 2 numbers.
  5. thanks all!

    im based in tidworth , was gonna go with southern electric ... however unsure if i needed to do this before i move in etc?

    i'll make sure i take a note of all readings etc on the march in date... just hope my mrs doesent fcuk it up whilst am away! :/
  6. You can't do it until you've moved in, as you need the last meter reading and the meter numbers.
  7. Another thing. As well as noting any damage in your 14 day report, photograph every scratch, chip, stain or whatever bit of damage and keep it with you copy of the 14 day report.
  8. Message me the street name (if known) as a lot of Tidworth is on MoD supply, which would mean no switching
  9. Alternativly contact 'DIO Ops-ASU SW-Energy Recovery 1' on DII or Bulford mil 2349 and she can let you know