Question about FV433 ballistics

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by RichardInDorset, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. If the max range on Abbot was 15km, how long would an HE take to get there? Something like 50 seconds?

    Just curious...
  2. Max rg (as per FT) 17.3 km, ToF 60 secs

  3. Fixed that......
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  4. Time enough to get 11 more shells on their way then...
  5. So at 17.3km, what accuracy would be typical with FACE?

    Could a 10x10m target be hit reliably?
  6. Yes, if you dont specify beforehand where the target is and we can add it later
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  7. If you're talking about Abbot, then the FACE you refer to was dependant on the quality of the surveying-in. Remember this was 1970s technology (1960s really. The FACE I used was still using Nixie tubes for data display). No GPS, just a good surveyor AND good meteorological info. So probably not a good chance of hitting a 10m x 10m target directly, but if they were using VT, with a battery shoot, a very good chance of something vaguely metallic hitting the designated spot.
  8. Just gathering info for a info board for my Abbot to show people at Tankfest. Punters usually ask a lot of questions about the gun and I don't know much about what it's really capable of.
  9. Magic...wish I could be there. Have you mentioned its (supposedly) amphibious capability?
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  10. Amphibious... yes well I reckon you'd need to be very brave to try it. I'm displaying it with a BRDM-2. Now that IS amphibious!!!
  11. So its not because you drove out of camp in it on demob, kept it safe, you have an FOP in the mother-in-laws garden and wish to calculate the time she takes to get to the roses/compost? It would save hitting the house wouldn't it, its an asset in the will? Shame its not that, would be a great story. You'll get nicked, mind.
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  12. It does float... slowly to the bottom
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  13. I read the title and expected it be about how far an APC could be thrown, and at what speed
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  14. That was a tad harsh.... if not accurate.
    And then only if you throw a Scammel wrecker into the mix.

    Frogs, we preferred to call them "Toweds".
  15. At 40 fd regt as a new crafty I found that the 434 was unique in that it could be in two places at the same time, and often was. It was also more reliable, which I put down to the presence of red lead touch ups rather than an extra couple of tons of paint (it adds up you know).