Question about farriers

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cretin, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Do farriers have a seperate combat role - ie are they crewmen as well, or do they just sort out horses feet and do the parades?
  2. Thier war role is the re-padding of track!
  3. I think that they are also responsible for w*nking the horses off on a regular basis...
  4. What? During wartime?
  5. Farriers would be with HQ Echelon, MT mainly, in times of operational duty.
  6. I think they are mainly located at the A1! With the balance held within the A2 co-located with Tech, so they can prep the pads!
  7. I think you're right.
  8. I think during wartime when the horses are not available they keep their hand in (!) by w*nking off each's a HCav thing...
  9. :banned: a farriers roll mainly consists of cheese n pickle. :banned:
  10. Farriers are into leather straps and whips.
  11. Farriers are fcuking weird blokes thats for sure! I remember being bent over a can of 220 while a farrier fixed my fcuked boot sole. Whilst in that position, I was subjected to a group bum humping session by my panzer crew, (31A ) :oops: . Throughout this frenzy, the farrier fixed my boot as if all was normal! Fcuking weirdo!
  12. Oh the joys of cavalry. Now where would you get that in civvy street?
  13. In your tiny fantasy world maybe.................hussar
  14. OOps sorry, my mistake, apologies to Butler, I forgot to mention that apparently Hussars do it too...
  15. Of course we do. Especially on an FTX.