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Hi all,

So I understand that different trades have different requirements for eyesight, but I would like to clear some things up before I go in for my initial interview.

1. The army website is telling me that for my first job choice glasses are permissible, does this mean the eyesight standard is very low and having high prescription glasses isn't a problem, or does it just mean that you're allowed to wear glasses day to day.

2. My corrected vision isn't completely crap but I am interested in getting laser eye surgery, I filled out the online medical and it asked me if I have had laser eye surgery within the past twelve months. I'm going to ask my recruiter this when I finally get an appointment but if I get laser eye surgery how long will I have to wait (provided the surgery is successful and there are no complications) to get on with my application? If the healing process is only 4 days will I still need to wait for a year before joining.

Again I know I will be able to discuss this with my recruiter but I'd just like to get a head start.

ps. My first choice is the intelligence corps if that would help you answer my questions.
Well according to that document I'm within the +/- 6 for both of my eyes so I'm pretty confident that I can get away without surgery for some of my choices.

You wouldn't know what the army's policy on eye surgery is once you're with your regiment? I'm assuming you would need to get permission?
Looking at some of the things the lads pull in Salisbury and Andover at weekends, I believe eyesight standards to be a fairly low priority. Also a guy known for having the worlds worst eyesight managed an almost 2500 meter first round hit on an Iraqi vehicle whilst gunner on a Challenger in 1991 (14/20 Hussars).
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