Question about EC policy

Does anyone know where the requirement for CO to issue EC policy directive comes from ?

Assuming its from a HQ Land document or a JSP or some similarly dull place.

Also, a link to it/ or a rough idea of what the requirement is would be great too.



I can only talk for R Signals. So possibly try in that forum as the Foreman of Signals in our Corp deals with it. Or possibly the REME forum.


The direction is given in Land Forces Standing Orders (4505 I think, but will edit later with the correct one if I'm wrong).

Land Equipment User Maintenance Standards (LEUMS) also includes an example of a CO's EC Policy which you can use as a template. The whole of the AESP can be used as a basis for the way your unit conducts EC and includes chapters on EC roles & responsibilities, training and competence.

If you need advice you can 100% rely on, contact your SO2 ES (BEME) or the ECI Team, they exist to help & advise on Equipment Care.

Alternativly, pm me with details & I will help as much as I can.


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The requirement for a Unit EC Policy Statement is detailed in AESP 0200-A-093-013 (LEUMS), Chap 2 Para 2. There is an example layout of an EC policy Statement at Annex A to that Chapter. Basically, it's the CO saying that EC is a bally good idea and all you lowlifes better do what the UEM says, only more politely. It must be prominently displayed thoughout the unit (Notice boards etc), and should be included in the UECD preliminary material (LEUMS Chap 2 Para 6.1 refers).

God this is dull.

Hope it helps!

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