Question About Different Infantry Roles in the Royal Reg of Scotland

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by afartinthefog, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. What are the pros and cons of working in a light role battalion like 1, 2 and 3 SCOTS compared to working in an armoured battalion like 4 SCOTS?

    The reason I ask is I am in basic and I want to go to 4 SCOTS because it is in Germany but I can't find much info on what daily life and operational life is like in an armoured battalion. I also would like to know what daily life and operational life is like with a light role battalion aswell.
  2. In a light role Bn you will spend a lot of time in camp doing lessons, PT, playing COD, watching Jeremy Kyle, fatigues and barrack guards. In an armoured Bn I imagine it would be along the lines of PT, fatigues, barrack guards, vehicle maintenance, sweeping the tank park and vehicle maintenance.

    Operational life will depend entirely on what job your unit is doing and where.
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  3. Why not try the RAF reg
    No PT
    Do drill with no nasty shouting
    Take land rover down the NAAFI for a brew or two
    Spend afternoon shaping beret.
    Press uniform for photo call

    Hard to resist serving in an elite infantry unit that will wind up most of Arsse posters.
  4. You spelled ARRSE wrong
  5. Spelt. 'Americanisms' thread refers... :)
  6. A pox on you sir! I blame my spell checker.
  7. Slow Sunday... Take 5
  8. do the Scots have armour anymore?
  9. do the Scots have regiments anymore?
  10. Will the Scots have regiments in the future or will they just do Armani as public duties companies?
  11. To get a better idea of what day to say life is like in one of the RRS Bns you really need to talk to someone from the RRS, preferably one of the DS where you are.