question about debt while joining up

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well i got my second application off my local CO just so they can cross reference it with the application i sent online and was told i will be getting a barb test once i hand that in, but he mentioned somehing about being in debt could stop me from joining up as the money i will be earning would have to see me through, the debt i have is like car insurance and contract phones thats it, but my debt is being paid by my mam (blue eyed boy ;) ) but if its getting paid for me will that be alright for me to join? as it wont be effecting the money i will be earning? thanks for any replies
Theres a whole thread on this if you look but if all the debt is Contract phone and car insurance it is fine.
yea i seen a few threads about this but it was things like mortgage, but thanks for the reply i was just concerned it would stop me
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