Question about CLM/Substansive rank

Hi, I have got a question about how clm works in regard to promotion?

I completed the old part 1 back in 2006, before transferring to another corps, then did the new part 1a on my class 1 course in my new trade in march this year. As yet I have not even started the workbook for 1b but was told on Friday by my OC that I have come off the board and will get my full screw in October.

How is my lack of CLM 1b and 1c going to affect this?

When you say the "old part one", do you mean the three week course with the few days exercise included? If so this will still stand and will give you your substansive Cpl once you wear it in October. Was the "new part 1a" a 2 week course with a short exercise? If so the same rules apply - i.e you will be substansive Cpl once you are promoted. If you have done neither of these courses then you can wear your Cpl, albeit in an acting capacity. You must then complete the relevant CLM course within one year to achieve sub rank. If this doesn't happen you are liable to lose it and have to sit on the board again.

The workbook and subsequent 5 day course are only required to gain further promotion to Sgt and only need to be started once you are wearing your Cpl.
I knew that already, but to become a class 1 rac soldier, I had to do a 10 week course with clm integrated into it :x

The fact I had done the clm already was immaterial as I had to do the whole course for the technical gunnery and D&M aspects :roll:

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