Question about chevron colors

I've read that the British Army doesn't subscribe to the concept of uniformity in uniforms. Realizing that the British Army started as several armies, I find the variety of rank badges, mess dress, and Number 1 dress fascinating.

I saw an online mess dress site selling gold chevrons on rifle green backings. What would they be worn with? Rifle green mess dress? Black mess dress? Rifle green Number 1 dress?

These sound like the old Royal Green Jackets No 1 and 2 Dress rank stripes. If so then they are in fact Black Stripes on a Rifle Green backing with gold piping. No1 Dress is basically full ceremonial dress, No. 2 Dress is the next one down and is khaki in colour . In common with most regiments and Corps in the Army a slightly smaller version of the rank badge would also be worn on Mess Dress, in this case a rifle green Mess jacket and trousers.
The Green Jackets recently amalgamated with two other regiments to form The Rifles and the new regiments uniform and appointments are largely taken from the Green Jackets (being the original Rifle regiment of the Army) with some minor concessions to the other regiments. The new rank stripes for example, are identical except that the piping is now silver instead of gold. On working dress (fatigues) or combat dress a smaller rank badge in black and green only is worn.
In case you're wondering, "Rifle Green" ,is a very dark shade of green and harks back to the early days of camouflage when the Rifle regiments from which the Green Jackets were descended were dressed in green with black belts and equipment instead of the usual Red coats and white "pipeclayed " equipment.

If you're interested you can Google "the Rifles" and on their site they have a full explanation of all the new items of dress for the new regiment. Hope this was of use to you. :)
It depends if the chevrons were piped or fully braided. Fully-braided gold chevrons on a green backing suggests either RM No2 Dress or one of the Scottish/Irish pipers uniforms (they're a science unto themselves). Piped chevrons are either Guards (Undress Blues) or RGJ: gold-piped black chevrons on rifle green backing. I understand 21 SAS used/uses this pattern for wear in 1s & 2s also.

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