Question about cable/batteries

Discussion in 'REME' started by crescent, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all

    My dear old mother is getting on a bit and so I'm helping her with some new plants etc to keep the old bat company.

    Question is; is there a way to take off the plug on one of those germanating light bulb thingies (name escapes me) - the seed trays with the plastic cover and low watt bulb - and replace it with some kind of battery pack.

    Reason being it's to go in the bathroom where it's a bit more humid but she hasn't got a plug socket in there
  2. 240v and H2o don't mix hence no plug in the bathroom , I think the bulb is for heat not light so unless you went to 12v then you will not get enough heat from a battery driven light bulb , without constantly changing or charging batts . Now the days are longer if its in a window then just sunlight should provide enough heat to get seeds to germinate.
  3. Check the nominal voltage and wattage on the lamp ( bulb ). It should be written or stamped somewhere on it.

    Battery powered lighting is not really that good. Think of how quickly car lights drain the battery, or how quickly a torch discharges when you leave it on.

    Just be very careful with any powered lighting or appliances in a bathroom. One option could be to go for low current LED lighting, but I don't know what your rrequirments are for heat / light type.
  4. No.
    It can be done but the soloution would neither be practical or cheap
    your options are either.

    A. Fit a plug in the bathroom. Try not to get it wet
    B. put the unit in another room
    C. buy your weed from a dealer and forget about growing your own
  5. Option A - Only if she is rich and you are the only one listed in her will.
  6. For A - Don't do it unless the bathroom is mahoosive, there's lots of rules and regs about zoning in bathrooms.

    You may be able to get a 110 to 12V transformer that would run off the shaver socket and would provide enough to run a few low wattage bulbs.
  7. you could just extend the cable and plug it in from another room.
  8. As long as its not long enough to get wet, bear in mind its for plants that'll need water every day...lets see

    Dear old lady decides to water the plants, floor in bathroom is wet, hands are wet, shakey old hands spill water on mains...don't go there, it'll all end in smoke and sparks.
  9. Get some cable suitable for outside i wasn't talking about an extension lead i meant splicing the original cable.
  10. That is an awful lot of work for not much use. It sounds like your talking about a heated propagator and even if not the humidity factor is easily taken care of by the propagator top (plastic cover/lid) that traps moisture as it evaporates out of the soil in heat. The lid is better as it traps moisture all the time giving a higher humidity 24/7, in the bathroom without a lid you would only get this during and just after a bath or shower. If it doesnt currently have one of these you can pick one up at your local garden centre for a couple of pounds. If its more a case of she doesnt want to mess up her other rooms then you can get large gravel trays the size of a coffee table for around £15 to work in and stopping dirt getting on to the carpet and easily stored in a cupboard. You can also use it to water large number of plant at the same time by sitting them in and filling it.

    And to echo Vandyke, if mummy isnt the gardener but you are, and this is to hide something somewhere sneaky then youve got a lot more to worry about than mere heat from a bulb :wink:
  11. Water, mains electricity and little old ladies do not mix; so don't do it!

    The plants need light, humidity and some warmth. The latter two are provided by the propagator and should be easily available in the bathroom; the usual problem in a bathroom with a frosted glass window is poor light.

  12. Are u sure shes not growing the ganja?
  13. I heard from a reliable source:

    If you are growing a shoite load of plants, for your Gran of course, then you need to minimise the heat signature from all the lighting units. Plod has IR on his Helos and can spot the heat if you don't insulate sufficiently.

    & Hydroponics give a better yield.....