Question about British Army marching

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ebm2009, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi:

    I'm wondering if someone in the British Army can answer this question.

    I have attached a jpeg taken from a youtube video.

    In this picture, are the (Grenadier?) guardsmen carrying their rifles under their left arms, and pointed back and down? Or maybe they are not carrying rifles.

    If the rifles are being carried in this way, is their a technical term for this position. I would like to look up more about this online.

    I am curious as a former Canadian Armed Forces member. I don't remember this and wonder what the term for it is and when it is used.

    Thanks, RB

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  2. I'm sure it's a Reverse Arms, and is carried out at funerals.

    And its not the Grenadiers, its F Coy Scots Guards.
  3. For future reference, so as not to upset the Guardsmen, you can tell the regiment by the grouping of the buttons on the tunic.

    The Grenadier Guards have buttons which are evenly spaced. The Coldstream Guards buttons are in pairs. The Scots Guards are in sets of three, the Irish Guards in sets of four and the Welsh Guards buttons are in sets of five.
  4. Thank you for these answers.

    I haven't been able to find additional pictures of this but will look further: it seems like it must be difficult.

    The picture is from a video on Youtube called "The Grenadiers Slow March." I just assumed the pictures were all Grenadier Guards.

  5. The Band of the Coldstream Guards must really have been enjoying themselves while they played that one...

    The video shows mainly Scots Guards, with one clip of Coldstream bandsmen.

    There are some anomalies with miliary music. For example, the Regimental March of the Royal Engineers is "The British Grenadiers." Figure that.. Thankfully, we also have "Wings."

    The best ever Quick March is undoubtedly "Ilkley Moor", though. ;)
  6. The best marching tune of all time is Sombret Meurres Signature March For the Gurkhas, played at Light infantry pace, not easy for the drummers at that speed lost the odd drumstick on the wayback from St Georges on a sunday morning 8)
  7. This is a better photo of the position although with the 303. Photos are from Churchill’s funeral which I think is the last time we had a full military turn out.


    The other arm is behind the back and holds the barrel. At some point they will change arms.

  8. Nah. Garryowen. Or at a push I'd say Killaloe :D
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  9. not any more, all the same now i think. was an article in soldier about it. due to the recession apparently.
  10. Wah!

    Taht was just an april fools from soldier. If this was actually about to happen then the Telegraph would have launched a campaign to save the buttons, or at least run the story.
  11. Fcuk sake man, knew someone would spoil it. was looking forward to some outrage then.
  12. Jesus Christ man can this do gooder Government not spare our military tradition? All I ask is they leave the Guardsmans buttons alone FFS! :x How's that? More? It's OK for MPs who have never served and have no blah de blah de blah...... where's the keys to the...... and so on.
  13. Bugger. Sorry.
  14. Did they not do reverse arms at Queen Mums funeral as well?2002 I think?
  15. The Reverse Arms from the slope is a 30 minute period, there is also a lesson taught for changing arms from the slope its easy to learn but a bit of a sod to teach. But practice makes it easier to do then there is the Lower on Your Arms Reversed which is a 40 minute lesson. And finally the Volleys with Blank Cartridges is another 40 min lesson.

    Has anyone ever done the above.