Question about batallion choise

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Murphy2012, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. hi, im wanting to apply for the Engineers soon, but there is just one question id like to ask.
    In phase 2 do you choose which battalion you'd like to go to? and more specifically can you pick 24 commando or 23 para?
  2. This can only end badly, I can smell it.
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  3. Just the one question? Jeeeeez!
  4. Funny, I can smell schoolkids newly released from their educational travails. ;-)
  5. Isn't 23 Regt Air Assault, 9 Sqn being Para? Or have things changed a lot more than I thought?
  6. Jeepers!
  7. In the glorious corps of engineers, it's troops and squadrons. NOT the companies and battalions of the infantry.

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  8. my apologies
  9. Young man (woman?), your post gives some apparent truth to the story, also running on here, about the abysmal literacy levels of some of the numpties currently joining our army! However, I note that you refer to yourself as 'Murphy': are you also a racial stereotype?
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  10. its my last name, but no irish in me so I don't think it fits the stereotype, and I too agree with my literacy, but i'm not illiterate just along time out of education so its taking a while for it all to come back
  11. Just go straight to Engineer SAS.
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  12. How many months precisely?
  13. about 2.5 years since I finished college
  14. Ahhh, anything else you need to know?
  15. In this time you have not had need to either speak or write a coherent sentence?
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