Question about army taking money OFF YOU?? Serious question.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SLRbloke, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know the score with the army taking money off you. If they have messed up your pay and all of a sudden they decided to take it back (say 1500 quid or so), can they do that in one go, somebody told me there is a new way of doing it where they can only take a set amount per month, so your not skint for 6 months....

    obviously this is a theoretical question and my pay is fine............i wish!
  2. They will deduct in one go and issue you the same amount as an 'overissue', you should be invited to pay it back all at once or if not you will be debited at 4 times your gross daily rate of pay (used to be 6 for singlies and 4 for pads, but it was changed to 4 across the board), to pay less you will have to prove almost insolvency before AFPAA (G) will reduce the monthly recovery rate.
  3. They take it off you at a max rate of 4 days a month. The first month they show the amount you owe and a "balancing" credit so you end up with no effect, then after that its minus 4 days worth a month.

    I'm in the strange situation where they have set that up to reclaim money from me, then admitted they were wrong in the first place and set up another mechanism to put the money back.

    That did not work so now they are proposing a one off BACS credit to make sure I'm not out of pocket while they rev up APC again. In the meanwhile my pay has been badly wrong every month since Oct and slightly wrong ( Wrong pay band, couple of quid a day) since mid 04.
  4. Beaten to the punch by Poacher - Lesson to self, learn to type faster....
  5. Thanks for the advice, so when they tell me that it just comes off in one go, i can tell them thats wrong then i guess? is it written down anywhere, as our pay office is run by civvies who i think just dont have a scoobie doo what they are doing?!