Question about Army selection.

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Hi guys, I just had a question as I couldn't find the answer on here. I am hoping for a nice, friendly answer if that is possible.

I wasn't sure how many pressups you are required to do when you go for Army selection. I don't think there is a specifc amount is there? Do you just have to be able to do a decent amount and show determination? (I can do about 40 at the moment).

That's all, thanks.
Hi mate, thanks for replying.

So is the 44 pressups and 55 situps for regular recruits as well? I remember seeing those numbers for Officer selection in the past...
i dont know if ADSCs vary, but when i was at selection last month we never done any. what ADSC are you off to? i would seek advice from people who have went where you are going m8 as this is the RUMOUR service and people just throw any answer in without ACTUALY KNOWING, me included.
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