Question about Armourers.

Discussion in 'REME' started by ramsy66, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. I'm wanting to join the army, and after chatting with my brother (he's an infantryman in the Grenadier Guards) I think I'm convinced I'd rather take up some sort of trade. I was reading through the different jobs on the armyjobs website, and the one that really caught my eye was Armourer.

    A few questions.

    1) What kind of jobs can lead on from being an armourer after the army?

    2) If you are deployed into a warzone, how close to the frontline are you? Do you stay at the back and maintain weapons, or are you up in the thick of it untill you're needed?

    I'm really interested in this part of the army, I love weapons and the idea of modifying and maintaining them for a job is very appealing.
  2. Answers to your questions.

    1. Its not too good asking possible employees what you can do with a trade they'll pay for you to do when you get out (if you havent got the job) it wont be looked on lightly by your recruiter. However knowing a few lads who have got out th Army after a fair while as a class 1 Armourer there are limited jobs in the police force, a lot have gone into different trades.

    2. Depending on the weapon systems your working on but yes you could be moving to FOB's to repair weapons, as with all REME trades you go to where ever your needed.
  3. Armourers are God's chosen :D

    1) Not a lot of Armourer jobs in civvie street

    2) How close to the thick of it depends I would say on the unit you are with and you.
  4. The only true hands on trade. Go for it.
  5. Is that because they are good on the Play station 2 in the Armourers shop..... only joking lads I had a couple of good Armourers on my 513 who could make cracking brews and fill the BV up without me having to ask :wink:

    Dont bite lads I love Armourers really :D
  6. 8) Work on vehicles lots of openings when you finish service 8)
  7. Thanks for the replies people.

    The reason I ask is because I'll probably give up college to join, so knowing what being an armourer will give me compared to my current course helps :D

    Definately liking the sound of this role then, sounds pretty exciting.

    Do I just stick "REME, Armourer" in the specific career part?

  8. Every Unit has small arms therefore needs a REME armourer. Your diversity and opportunities bracket is as big as anything in the Army. Stick to your guns (forgive the pun) and go for it.
    Try to stay clear of REME Bns if pos.
    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  9. Thanks 8)

    What are "REME Bns"? :p Sorry if that sounds stupid.

    I've looked through all the jobs on the armyjobs website and I see I can pretty much do anything I want, I could possibly even go for an officer, but I'd still rather be an armourer. It seems perfect for me.
  10. REME Battalions. They were just coming in when I left. Basically they are all REME run units. Numerous threads have remarked how they absolutely SUCK. Never having done a complete second line tour I am probably not the best to comment.
    If you are a a first line Unit such as Infantry you will have the highest respect of soldiers for which you are providing a genuine service, at an all REME Unit that never get to fire their weapons the self serviles will try to treat you like Shiite.
    Good Luck in the future.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I'll try and steer clear of them :p

    I'd rather be in an infantry unit, doing an armourers job. They'll all respect you because you'll be the one making sure their guns still work :D
  12. Often the Armourer will deploy forwards from the with the Coy. You can go as far forwards as you want to.

  13. Really? Wow.

    About the qualifications you get, Do you get these qualifications in training, or do you get them throghout your service?
  14. The REME are like horse manure, spread them thinly (1st line/small LAD's etc) and they do a great job.........Put them all together in one place (a REME Bn) and they are just a pile of $hit!

    :twisted: T_M
  15. Ramsy, have you ever kissed a girl?

    Yes?-then Armourer is not for you.

    Do you have an allergy to sunlight, an unhealthy interest in bowie knives and war-gaming?

    Yes?-Welcome aboard. You get the brews on and i'll boot up the PS2.