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Discussion in 'REME' started by Kellya84, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    I'm looking to join once I get my fitness up, but i've a few questions about being an armourer.

    Is there much demand for armourers? And is most of the time spent doing paperwork? (if I wanted to do paperwork i'd be an office chimp)

    If any armourers could give a quick brief on what they do on a daily basis it'd be appreciated: the AFCO and army web site notes were very brief

    I'm gonna apply for the trade anyway, but a heads up on what i'd be doing would be appreciated.

    Cheers in advance
  2. This is a wah isn't it?

    Feckin cellar dwellers.............
  3. Nah, I know what armourers basically do, its just how much of it is fixing things, how much is inspection and how much paper gets shuffled around afterwards? Just curious
  4. it all depends on what type of unit you'll get posted too. but as an armourer you'll have your fingers in so many pies you'll always be in demand and with the wide range of equipments you'll work on you'll never be bored lol. the paperwork is a down side but its like that no matter where you go. all i can say is give it a go it works for me
  5. Right, firstly, well done on choosing the trade of the Gods. Secondly, don't worry about the paperwork: in my position as an ECI Team Leader (I visit lots of armourers to tell them how well they're all doing), I can categorically state that not one of the F*ckers out there are doing their paperwork properly, so I tell them not to bother, get the kettle on, and listen in to my incredibly interesting war-stories.

    By the way, don't expect to get a suntan.

    The job's cracking, but you need to work on either sexual deviance or a knife collection to fit in.
  6. don't worry the deviancy is being taken care of :D
  7. Ex-armourer myself; maybe the memory's fading a bit, but I loved it. Obviously it helps if you enjoy shooting and spending time on ranges!
    You work hard during live firing exercises especially in an armoured regiment but in the workshop/armoury you work at your own pace. Paperwork? All I ever filled in was the odd job card. Any current serving Armourers out there will probably tell you i'm an old dinosaur and it's all changed tho'...
  8. Dont worry about being bored as there is always a shortage of armourers where they are needed. As for the 'sexual devience or knife collection' is it the job that attracts them or does it convert them? Either way lots of strange ones out there! (By the way I am one)
  9. There is a requirement to have an auditable paperwork trail but it is not too much of a burden. When I was a young Armourer. I spent most of my time Inspecting and repairing weapons and turret systems when I wasn't on Exercise, Ranges or Ops. Paperwork was always done but it never became a pain. After 15 years if I were to join again I would join as an Armourer.

    There is no requirement to be a dungeons and dragons geek, a knife freak or a pervert but if that’s you wont be to out of place. The weirdoes are easy enough to box round and avoid.
  10. The Dungeons & Dragons thing is relatively new among the Armourer community and should be stamped out whenever encountered. Remedial training in obscure pornography, making your own torture rack and making "fighting knives" out of SLR bayonets is the way ahead... that'll stop the f*ckers.
  11. Don't worry about the fitness.... just so long as you can carry a perplexed, lost look, you'll fit into any A&G just fine.
    PS repeatedly mutter under your breath "That'll learn the f@ckers" and you're there!
  12. So ArmrJay when you ask me to go to the bottom cupboard and stretch for the big spanner I know to brace myself? I thought this was the army, not the bleeding navy! :D

    Sounds like there are plenty of opportunities for practical jokes
  13. If getting slipped a length is your idea of a practical joke! 8O Oh Matron
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wish I had been offered it as a career instead of area cleaning (inf)