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Hey, I'm going to be applying for the parachute regiment once I get my discharge forms sent through from the guys up in Glasgow, but I was previously in the RM but I came out in recruit training (I know I'm expecting a thrashing for it :)) Can you see any reason why I won't be allowed to continue with my application? or why I might be refused at interview stage?

Cheers lads
If you left because you couldn't be arsed or something more sinister then you might get knocked back early on. They're not desperate for numbers now so they can avoid to be more fussy. My corps have been told that if we sign off there's no guarantee of being accommodated for if we change our minds.
I was only 17 at the time and to be honest I got abit home sick, but to be honest I regret leaving the forces, I hate being a civvy its like slow torture.
Mate, a few tips.. You will get a grilling as you bailed from RM before even serving .. The para reg, as said above, can afford to be picky.

I would prepare yourself well (both physically and mentally), formulate some well worded and precise answers for the obvious question they will throw at you, man up and look forward to the grilling you are going to receive.

Best of luck.
Does taking shots at people over the internet make you proud?
Perfectly valid question and the fact that you don't understand that is something you need to look at - ie: The world doesn't exist simply to make you content. Getting 'a bit' homesick is a lame excuse. Will you jack it in again if you get 'a bit' something else that doesn't agree with you?

Btw - you're still a civvy, and I hate to break it to you, but life tends to be 'a bit' dull with times of fun/excitement if you're lucky - not that dissimilar to military life. Barrack routine can be mind numbingly boring sometimes.

You'd better be prepared to show overwhelming enthusiasm to get back in with a new found maturity.

Another question I have - if the only reason you left was 'a bit' homesick, then why not apply to the RMs again? I mean, it must have been your dream to join such a prestigious fighting arm - why suddenly switch over to the Army/Paras? No less wonderful, of course.
thanks for tips fotofrog

and asterix I have been doing alot of research on all forces and all jobs within them, i've been listing the pros and cons and my motivation for joining them to try and get the best idea of what I really want, I decided i would like to be infantry rather than a trade and the paras stood out because of the physical challenges you have to complete to get the maroon beret (I'm abit of a phys buff). My family actually has a history of serving within the infantry as well, I don't know why I didn't look into the army in the first place, big mistake I guess.

It's always been a dream to do parachuting aswell, and with it being part of the job that just swung the pendulum.

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