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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ian1983, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello lads and ladies.

    I'm 27 at present and was sponsored by the Royal Engineers for officer selection. Long story short I did not make the grade.

    I enjoyed my very short familiarisation visit with the engineers and I was wondering if age was an issue on joining up as a private and the promotion aspects therein. I was/am looking at the army as a career and don't want to reach mid 30's and reach the ceiling as it were.
    I believe there is quite a backlog for those wanting to join up, so I'd be hitting 28 most likely by the time I could join up.

    I'm going to ring a recruitment captain at the end of the week when I know what is going on regarding my report from last week.

    Any help/input appreciated.
  2. I'm 28 and got nothing but encouragement from everyone and got my date the otherday of the 26th sept can't wait now

    Just go for it I think they need some older soldiers with all the young one joining up
  3. Hi jayabbo

    Thanks for the feedback.
    If you don't mind me asking, but how long was it from your initial interest to getting your september start date?
  4. Think I started the process in sept 2009 so been really quick god knows why ?? It's not like in extra fit or strong just average I think it's my ages the only thing everyone is saying they need a few more older people
  5. Is a year quick these days?! Only just over a year ago it was about 3-5 months from initial application to basic training for me and a few of my mates!

    Coming from someone who is slightly older (but not as old as yourself) than the average crafty around here, I would say go for it! Having read the rest of your posts you clearly want a shot at this lifestyle.

    I left a secure, well paid bank job for this and to be honest I wouldn't change it for anything. I had others in my troop from basic who were late 20's and didn't suffer anything for the age difference from the average 17-19 year old, if anything it was to their advantage as they were seen as more responsible and trust worthy.

    The way I saw it when I signed up was that I had looked at it for the best part of 5 years (I felt I wouldn't have been able to have handled it mentally as much when I was younger hence I put it off and grew up a bit) and that if I didn't have a shot I would seriously regret not doing it when I got to my mid 30's.

    I've honestly not had a day where something hasn't made me smile or laugh even when there were bad days.

    If you want to know anything else at all feel free to drop me a pm!
  6. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I will drop you a pm regarding some specific questions if that's ok but generally speaking, what are the promotion aspects like and what kind of diversification can you undertake.

    I apologise for asking this because I haven't done any research regarding this route before, but you've said for you, a year or two ago the initial enquiry to starting date was 3-4 months. I believe it then gets broken down into phase 1 and phase 2, phase 2 being the trade training?
    In regards to this;
    -What are the options when you get into phase 2? Do you specifically go down 1 trade route or can you generalise?
    -When you complete phase 2, does the group you were with go to the 4 winds?
    -When you reach your final destination, what is (very generally) a normal day. I appreciate this one is very subjective because it would be different from place to place and trade to trade. The only info I have on this is from a FAM visit at Minley barracks.

    My thing is also I know I will regret not going for it in a few years (ie when I AM 30).

    Many thanks