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Question about ADSC .

Hi, About a week ago my doctor perscribed me with a course of Anti-bitotics for a throat infection, Since then the infection has cleared up but I've been told to take all the tablets to kill off any infection still lurking around, My Question is will I have to wait a certain period of time before i can attempt to go to ADSC. Or would it make no diffrence (considering i feel fine now) I've been told to expect Selection mid-March, if everything goes to plan with my next stages.


With all due respect mate, youve got a cough and prescribed lozenges!!

Long answer "you'll be fine"

The short answer you dont want to hear.

When's your ADSC?
Well , At the time i thought it was somthing alot more serious because i had had a really large swollen Lymph Node and my doctor seemed quite concerned but a second opinion seemed to get an answer, anyway.

I was at my Careers office today, getting a security clearance form to fill out and hand back in, then i've to go out for a run next week to get a fitness assesment, then If i manage fine on that I can exoect my interview the week after that, then hopefully ADSC Early March. *Fingers Crossed* :p
I was really ill a bit before my ADSC and was prescribed anti-biotics, pills that ease you off being sick and some ohter pills, i cant remember now...

Anyway , the Docs up there didnt even mention this and it was no problem at all.
So i dont see why you would be any different mate

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