Question about a helmet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by petergriffen, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]
    So this look's like a "MICH" style helmet, maybe it isn't and it is just the angle, if so my fault, but if it is a "MICH" style one, I thought there were rules and regulations on wearing non standard protective gear.....can anyone clear it up for me please? :?
  2. Yep,Does look the wrong shape for a MK6A....Is he one of them?Or maybe the rules changed.Or he doesn't give a monkeys.
  3. I reckon its either a mk6 or a para with a cover that's too big. A DP cover on a MICH wouldn't fit properly at the front, and would look odd under his NVG mount. The chinstrap is wrong for a MICH too. And you're perfectly right; what RSM would allow anyone to wander around in an American cast-off cowboy helmet?
  4. But it does look like there are to "wings" for want of a better term like what "mich" style helmets have over his ear.....ah maybe I'm reading too much into it. 8O

    pic to help with what I mean
  5. Come on, you seriously think that 'they' would allow a gwar in 'their' midst?

    Obviously a wah.
  6. 'They' wouldn't touch Bowman with a bargepole also because 'they' can afford better. :wink:
  7. its a cunning bluff, he's disguised as a Gwar so no one will suspect that he is one of them...and we've just blown his cover.. but then again, who'd believe us?
  8. Damn, you just uncovered my bluff that it was a bluff! Oh Toppers, now I'm just going to have to slot you, your immediate family, your postman, the neighbours cat, and anyone else who has read this, starting with me!
  9. It's probably some bloody septic borrowing kit from us again. ;)
  10. Yeah,fair one....I stand corrected and will tremble in fear at 'their' revenge for implying 'they' have Ginger muckas.
  11. As for the PRRs we worked with USMC and they had them
  12. Apparntly USMC use them to, as they think they are a great bit of kit. I think they decided to use them after we did.