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Question abour CBA usage.

Just wondering, is body armour routinely worn on exercise nowadays?
Or is it only whilst on ops?

I'm a part-time soldier, and heard yesterday that we were getting fragmentation vests issued soon, as part of an upgrade to our equipment and weaponry.

Obviously it makes sense to wear them on OPTAG, to get people used to wearing it before deployment, but it seems a bit OTT for normal exercises.
My last unit, we tended to wear it on exercise but certain jobs that we do in our trade meant that it soon got taken off but for the move out etc we wore it. After all exercise is meant to be practising war!
soprano54 said:
It is generally the norm to wear it all the time, no matter what Arm/Trade/Corps! 8O
I didnt mean it got taken off us but individually we binned it whilst in our fuel bunds....if you know what im on about then you will understand!
CH512O said:
I didnt mean it got taken off us but individually we binned it whilst in our fuel bunds....if you know what im on about then you will understand!
Why are they bullet/shrapnel proof? AFV crews still wear it when under armour!
We always wear it on exercise, its especially good when your digging shell scrapes. We also use it on the ranges so we are used to firing in it.
Nige said:
Rabintex is the Aussie issue helmet. Not worn it on ex. yet but it seems a lot lighter and more 'airy' than the Mk6.
I have worn it, albeit for only a couple of days and it does seem much lighter (although in fact it is only 200gms - so I am told anyway). The straps are much better, and I am told the ballistic protection beats the Mk6 hands down.
Only ever wore it on Ex in BATUS and Ops. Units i have served with (RAC CR2 Regts) only get it as mob issue, so did not have the luxury of letting the guys wear it on Ex.
I now have a special set that was made for me as i am rather taller than the avarage, and it came with normal and dessert covers. However I only got it 1 week before going home from Telic, and even then it never had the pockets for the plates fitted. I think some shinnyarrse punters back in Kuwait city got the plates.
numbered_3 said:
I had a friend who used to replace the inards of his CBA on ex with cut up bits of rollmat!
Yeah we had a Sqn 2i/c do the same, funniest sight I ever saw was him chasing it across the prairie after it got caught in a gust of wind...............oh what a give away, daft cnut!!! :D
Some one did that in kenya I heard, mortars came in a bit too close
his mates were laughing at him as he suddenly decided it was a mistake
:D Fortunatly no one was hurt .
CBA is just another item of protective gear to be worn as dictated by the situation.

We often train in IPE, but that doesn't mean we parade in the stuff!

Actually, now there's an idea....rubber...ummm...rubber.

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