Question abou joining 2 Scots

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lewyt666, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey, I live in Falkirk which would make my local regiment 5 Scots, but I would rather join 2 Scots as my Grandad served with them and I would like to carry on something he did. Would they take this into consideration and let me join 2 Scots or will they just put me in 5 Scots anyway?

  2. I'm (almost) certain that you can choose a preferred regiment upon passing out of training.
    You would more than likely have to move somewhere closer to where 2 Scots are best, however.

    Go ask in your local ACIO :)
  3. Doubt it would be a problem mate. West of Scotland & Glasgow both have poorer levels of recruitment (relative to the other 3) & the family link should seal your battalion of choice for you. Only way you'll know for sure is to head in to the ACIO.

    I'm from 5 SCOTS catchment area myself (Dunbartonshire) but am applying to 4 SCOTS (find the armoured role appealing). However if I understood my recruiting sergeant correctly I will default to 2 SCOTS (quite likely as I have absolutely no links to 4 SCOTS & they don't have manning problems) rather than 5 if Highlanders are fully manned as i started the process in the Glasgow branch.

    *Don't think you officially select your SCOTS battalion until either week 14 or 17 of training anyway.
  4. aye I thought that. I have selection this week. Just thought I'd get a heads up incase they ask. The Sgt at Stirling already asked all this and I told him bout my grandad and said he's happy to put me forward to the badging board for 2 Scots during training. Fingers crossed. Cheers mate