Quest..... to make the perfect Racing Spoon

Guys, am doing this expediton in the summer to the West Highland way and am trying to educate my fellow exped types that a KFS is useless when you have the "ultimate british army racing spoon"

so what i am after is tips and a malgamation of ideas and views on what makes the perfect racing spoon.

It just has to be a spoon you are comfortable with. Preferably liberated from a posh mess or one that has sentimental value.
Aldi ice-cream scoop with handle filed down, design is ideal to stop wind-chill on food due to the high sides, and string-loop in the handle for quick-cleaning (dipping in a jerrycan of benz!)


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My favorite was a kiddies spoon, still had a largish head handle was shortish, and it had a picture of a hippo on it, stopped any bugger stealing it!
Mine was a wooden spoon, handle cut short with a hole and lanyard, and one side of the spoon bowl was sanded thiner like a sort of knife edge for chunkier food, great for breaking the lumps out - just took me a long time to make.

Wooden racing spoons are a health hazard and carrier of all manner of nastys, unless bamboo.

I still have a baker light type chinky soup spoon from down town Tutong 10 years ago never let me down.........
I always found that a wooden spoon, cut down was the best, but as Harry says you had to make sure it was kept clean, i sometimes now use a metal soup spoon, shorten the handle and cover in tape.

I pinched about 5 of the red spoons from the cook house at Pirbright (I think that they've got the same one's at Keogh.)
Nice big spoon bit and long handle, so u can get right into the bottom corners without getting food on ur hands or having to re-tear the bag. And being bright red you can't really loose it.

Plastic so it can be used in all climates. With string 'Nastied' to a cut short handle.

The tape gives it an army image. The string keeps it round ur neck and the more childish the colour the better. Had one for 5years and lost it in Switzerland. Noooooooooooo!
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The crappy salad bars in Tesco have quite good ones. A spoon with fork prongs in the middle.

The only problem is that they're a bit short.
That's OK ST, coz so are you! :D
Cheers mate. Do you know what a salad bar is? :D
Nah, tried it once, didn't like it. :lol:

My recommendation for spoon is Yellow plastic from Chelsea Barracks cook house. Kept one long in smock and shortened the handle on another for shirt. Red plastic is sooo last year!
haha! But I like the red and I've never eaten at Chelsea.... :(

Watch this space- Orriginal SAS/Para/RM/Walt issue racing spoon. Complete with burn and teeth marks.

Gonna make millions!