Query - salary for technical jobs Iraq/Afghanistan?


Am looking to do a technical job for a major contractor operating in Iraq and Afghanistan with the UK military. In the UK I get a modest £42k (outside London), its a technical/managerial job, its done inside the wire, no weapons or work outside the wire involved, what sort of mark-up can be expected on UK salaries for comparable work in theatre?

Its a rotation of 10 weeks on and 3 weeks off. Am thinking a mark-up of 60-75% would apply, am I off the scale? or is this accurate-ish?

This isnt an 'advertised' post - its something the firm contacted me about, presumably because of my military experience in this field. I am currently struggling with the 'money' angle on this....

Any advice much appreciated.

what kind of technical/managerial job exactly and who is the company/contract (if possible)....without that I can't comment

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