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Hello, just a quick query here, wondering if anyone can shed any light. I graduated from university this year I am seriously considering applying to RMAS. I have sent off my POC form and have been informed my local ACA(O) will contact me. I am all good to go and keen to get the ball rolling but have one concern. During my last year at uni I had a bit of a serious balls up, found myself in a state of mild depression and my degree in serious jeopardy. At the time I was advised by my GP to see a therapist for a few sessions, and was briefly put on mild anti depressants (the lowest dosage of the mildest stuff). I found the meds fairly ineffective, but the therapy spot on. After a few months I pulled myself out of this little rut and went on to graduate successfully. I was on this stuff for 4 months only and have been off since May. Is this likely to affect my application? I have no history of any health probs other than this tiny blip. I wouldn’t mention it all (I never do) but seeing that this is the army I imagine they will find out. This was not really a depression of anxiety or panic but rather brought on by unresolved issues of anger, aggression and a feeling of disappointment at perceived failure in myself. I’ve thought long and hard about this. Officers are all about leadership, right? Who wants (or should be led at all) by a bloke who once made himself unwell because he got too riled up at things? I’ve heard the whole “if you can’t handle civvy life you’ve got no chance in the army” thing, and I agree that if an individual is mentally unstable then there is an unacceptable risk they may freak out when something goes bang. I’ve also been told that maybe the army is not for me and I shouldn’t even be considering it. I suffered from a brief period of mild depression for which I received effective treatment that got me over it. In hindsight the whole experience has only been beneficial to me; I am a far more composed, confident, rational, well balanced person as a result. I also believe that I have the necessary qualities to become an officer. I am fit, healthy, entirely compus mentis and raring to go, but the last thing I want is to be shown the door midway through application for covering it up. I am convinced that this issue will come up through my medical records and I may get binned automatically. I have this nagging feeling that the army views any issues of depression with the deepest suspicion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, this post is way too long.
I am no trick-cyclist but I do know that honesty and integrity are two of the qualities that RCB looks for in an officer. I strongly suspect that the person doing the medical at RCB briefing will ask you about your depressive episode and this will be taken into account when deciding wether you are fit (as will other injuries/illnesses in the past).

Keep it from them and it comes to light later on and it will speak volumes about you as a person :!:

Good luck.


It shouldn't be a stopper. There may be a period where you have to be medication free and asymptomatic but providing you suffered a reversable condition and that you have a firm write up I shouldn't think it would be a major issue. After all, you have come through it, are aware what led to it and are probably stronger as a result. As far as being led by an Officer who became unwell because he cared about something, give me that over the ******* who don't give a shit about their blokes anyday. Good luck with the application.
Wasn't there a similar post over on the Officers' Mess forum? Was that you? I'm too lazy to check.

The short answer is: it might count against you, but it won't eliminate you from the running. If in every other respect you're up to speed and above the quality line, then don't worry about it. If you're borderline, though, it count against you. Which is fair enough: there aren't many jobs that'll potentially put a junior manager under the same sort of pressure as being an Army Officer.

IdeasFactory said:
Wasn't there a similar post over on the Officers' Mess forum? Was that you? I'm too lazy to check.

The short answer is:

It is an injury like any other injury - peoples perceptions and "Ideologies" need to change very, very quickly - in simple terms this is an injury of the mind and thus is treatable, just like any other.

These prejudices of "old school" Officers' need to be diminished.

I wish you all the best
Thank you very much for the replies, all much appreciated.
It is an injury like any other injury
Indeed, and the medical assessment will take all previous injuries into account, too. A history of heat-illness would potentially bar an applicant from RMAS. I got quizzed on a torn hamstring in my med interview.

A history of depression is no bar to success as an officer.

Be truthful from the start chappy as they WILL find out in the end. Nothing to loose... tell them how you have learnt from your experience and what a better person you are from it. ASthmatics have to be at least 2 years without inhalers before being considered..... some are medically discharged from basic training due to injury, but have reapplied post event and got back in!!!!your case.... go for it and good luck
you must disclose otherwise it is an irregular entry and automatic discharge. JSP 346 excludes entry for 3 yrs post treatment (including Anti-depressants that didn't work). The Consultantant Advisor Psychiatry (Army) has the power to waive this bar on entry if CA Psych is convinced that it should not be a bar to enlistment/commissioning.

the Rules are there to protect you as much as anybodyelse, vunerability to stress+high stress situations are not conducive to health (yours and those around you).

good luck,

tell the truth, if you get through good on you, if not ,and it is because of your past MH, then request assessment by CA psych if you feel that you've been treated unfairly at RCB.

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