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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chappy, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Hello, just a quick query here, wondering if anyone can shed any light. I graduated from university this year and have decided to apply to RMAS. I have sent off my POC form and have been informed my local ACA(O) will contact me. I am all good to go and keen to get the ball rolling but have one concern. During my last year at uni I had a bit of a serious balls up, found myself in a state of mild depression and my degree in serious jeopardy. At the time I was advised by my GP to see a therapist for a few sessions, and was briefly put on mild anti depressants (the lowest dosage of the mildest stuff) to get me through my dissertations. After a few months I pulled myself out of this little rut and went on to graduate successfully. I was on this stuff for 4 months only and have been off since May. Is this likely to affect my application? I have no history of any health probs other than this tiny blip. I wouldn’t mention it all (I never do) but seeing that this is the army I imagine they will find out. I am fit, healthy, entirely compus mentis and raring to go, but the last thing I want is to be shown the door midway through application for covering it up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So you cracked under the pressure of writing an essay?
    What kind of medication will you need when you have brass flying over your head and 50 men to command?
  3. MS_Rep

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    Be honest and own up :lol:

    Better still be honest with yourself?

    Are you sure the Army is for you? :roll:
  4. yeah that essay was really tough- it nearly broke me(!), but the source of the probs lay elsewhere. Don't wanna bother people with a life story but they don't give out happy pills for writers block.
  5. I don't know the answer... maybe someone 'in the know' on this website will post a reply or PM you...

    But I think even if a senior army pscyciatrist... psychiartrist... fack!!... senior army head shrink happens to post here and PM's you with a negative answer you should go ahead and apply anyway. Only quit the application process when the RCB medical staff give you a 100% categorical NO. You can never tell but perhaps that poster doesn't know as much as you might think.

    I know the medical is a little stressful when you have a 'history' but try to ignore it for now and crackon... good luck!...

  6. Your time at university is a holiday compared to the real world after graduation. If you cracked under the pressure of student stress, what makes you think you could handle the kind of stress a soldier has to deal with?

    Ask yourself this, would you want to be lead to war by a man who recently spent 4 months medically insane?
  7. Goku that's an appalling stupid and naive comment from you...

    I know nothing of Chappy's case and neither do you. Sure, something happened while he was at university. But Chappy didn't say it was the stress of writing 1000-word essays that gave him problems. He merely said it occured while he was at university. It could be related to something else entirely... death of someone close... etc etc etc...

  8. Since when has depression been insanity, Goku? :roll: Give up the demon drink & step away from the computer!! :wink:
  9. I disagree Tricam.

    Life is fully of test and trials, and full of stress. The death of a loved one, gaining good grades, the break down of a relationship, children, etc.
    We all go through it, we all have to deal with it. Some people need medication to deal with life, no real shame in that, but most of us don’t.
    I judge people who need antidepressants to be slightly unstable, now in the civy world that doesn’t really matter because in the main civys don’t trust their lives in each others hands. In the military world you do need the people who lead you and fight alongside you to have their head screwed on tight otherwise people get hurt.
    I would not feel safe working with a soldier who has recently needed medication to keep his emotions in check.
    I’m not (for once) being rash or vindictive.
  10. Sixty

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    By your argument you wouldn't have followed him, Goku?
  11. Fair enough, Goku, you're as entitled as anyone to an opinion but you're not qualified to offer advice or judgement.

    Chappy, might I suggest that you repost this query on this board. The medical folks will no doubt see it later today and offer you their informed opinions.
  12. Touché but it’s all relative to the situation.

    A depressed Churchill the young soldier could make a poor split second decision (affected by his illness) and get the man next to him killed, that would make him unfit to lead. So no, I wouldn’t follow him.

    A depressed Churchill the leader of war time Britain. He had time to think about what he was doing, he had advisers and allies. I would argue that depression would not affect him in the same way as it would a commander on the ground. I would follow that Churchill.
  13. Goku, as far as I'm aware if one can lead a country through a war with depression, then I'll be willing to follow the next!
  14. Goku,

    In the same way people get over broken bones they can also recover from psychological injuries. Leave it to a professional to examine Chappy's case and whether or not it should bar him from entry...

    Incidently, should all those who suffer a bout of PTSD be discharged from the Army? By your logic they 'could make a poor split second decision' and 'get the man next to him killed'.

  15. Goko, only 2% of people don't have some kind of negative reactions to extreme stress... They are called psycopaths... If you are unable to accept that a psychiatric injury should be considered in the same light as a physical one, you are in the wrong job and are probably far more of a danger to your men than anyone suffering from depression as a result of extreme circumstance.... Maybe you should resign.... or grow up...