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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by oldcolt, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Conflicting views from various ranks (PSAO's, clerks and SPSI's) within my unit have driven me to seek out the TA Regulations to my solution. This has, however, proved fruitless. WHere should I look (references please) to find out the chapter and verse on a re-enlistment question....

    If a former NCO rejoins after a certain period and the unit he is joining wishes him to revert to that rank what and where are the rules that govern this? Thanks in advance.
  2. If you have access to DII just type in ''TA Regs'' in the search engine. Should take you right to it.
    If not then ArmyNet.
  3. Thanks, but re-reading my OP I didn't make myself clear. I've read the TA Regs and there is nothing in that as far as I can see (which may explain the variations in different units policies/ modus operandi on this). Is there anywhere else I can look or am I just missing the correct bit?
  4. I was posting on this subject not long ago. JSP752 springs to mind but that may be something else. Im sure what you are after is in the TA Regs.
  5. Try Chapter 5.
  6. Thanks; JSP752 is all about allowances and TA Regs have sections on re-engagement ages but not rank or time out etc. :(

  7. Thanks again but...

    Chapter 5 deals with re-enlistment and age and health waivers but doesn't appear to have anything about being re-engaged in a previous rank.

    Also just found a DIN on ArmyNEt titled 'Army Instructions for Re-Employment of Personnel with Military Service' but this too, doesn't appear to cover it.
  8. Are you this former NCO :?
    Is there a space in the CoC for you
    Do you deserve to jump up the ladder :?
  9. It's 3 yrs but I can't be arrsed digging the DIN out right now.
  10. Are you this former NCO - yes
    Is there a space in the CoC for you - yes
    Do you deserve to jump up the ladder - most definately! :p

    Added to that my CoC is keen for me to do some other courses rather than junior nco again unless i have to (as am I) :)
  11. I don't blame you/ wouldn't expect anyone too but... if you can suggest a good search term for it, I have ArmyNet open and I'm not afraid to use it! :)
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As FiveAlpha says, 3 years max for automatic reversion to rank. After that period of time your unit can appeal to Glasgow for you to be considered as a special case if they can make a strong case that you are needed in your old rank, no-one else to do the job, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Bearing in mind that any range quals, med quals etc would probably be deemed spent as you are no longer current and competent it can be a difficult case to make. I have tried on several occasions with mixed success.

    Expect to get boarded by your unit promotion board instead as your CO has powers to promote up to quite a high level, but you may need to go through the ranks at first look each time (2 reports in each rank with strong recommends usually) rather than straight back to your old rank if above LCpl.
  13. At least you are honest in your ambition, just keep your baton polished in your patrol sack. Who knows one day you may elevate to OF-10
  14. In the TA? Only if he lives to 278 yrs old. Mind you, that'll bring him to the seem peer group as some of the senior full screws.
  15. Thank you your Grace. This has been said by some in the unit but, others have said 'not so'. I'm not expecting my previous quals to count (and some of them quite rightly so due to skill fade/ not sure how the hell I passed in the first place). My PSAO takes you view and is looking into getting me on a board. It's just finding a hard copy reference to wave at the right people that counts. If you have a DIN or JPS Notice reference, that would be most helpful.

    In the meantime, Reni_77 may just have to spend some quality time with his foreskin whilst he still has it after his little bet on here a while back. I ambushed our training major at a weak moment of elation after we had done well at the Div SAAM and he is now looking at getting some of us onto the AACC (TA) prior to deploying on H14 :D