Query on role of 2(NC) Bde during wartime 1967 - 1984

Hi guys,
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This is a bit of an odd request, but I’m looking for some information on the role of 2(NC) Bde during the 1980s. I’m doing a lot of part time research into Machinery of Govt in War (MGW) planning, and while a lot has been declassified, there are still some areas that remain a mystery.

My current area is looking into the so-called PYTHON groups, which would have dispersed around the UK with senior officials at the helm, and then link up at a post strike accretion point about 4 weeks after any strike. There appears to have been plans for a military signals contingent to operate the communications equipment, and I’d be particularly interested in knowing the following:

During the very early 1980s, did any new communications equipment enter service that changed the way that 2(NC) Bde planned on conducting wartime operations?

I appreciate it’s a vague question, but I don’t want to post a leading question. If anyone happens to know the answer, or could shed some light on the role of 2(NC) during the period 1967 – 1984, then could you either post here or PM me. It may help with some ongoing research.
Also to reassure you all, this is all now unclassified, and information is available on the PYTHON groups. I’m seeking to fill in some gaps.


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